Sea Como Sea at Black Bird Hotel Bandung

Hi, guys!
It has been a good while since I posted a cafe/restaurant review. Ever since the house is finished, my husband and I have really become a home-body and ordered in A LOT. But I thought we shouldn't be too much of a hermit so we decided to try out a new place near our house. 
Sea Como Sea is located at Black Bird Hotel (across Maja House) and we went there on a Sunday afternoon. We had our lunch so we just want to grab some desert. The place was packed considering the space is small. You might be able to bring a maximum of 10person but nothing more unless you'd want to split tables. (Below pics looks empty because we sat for a a good amount of time until people were leaving. LOL)

The space is adorable. I LOVE the bar decor. And that pink magenta-ish sofa with yellow and green pillows is way too cute. Lots of people took photo in front of the bar so if you happen to get your seat near the bar, well, just be tolerant. Oh, and they have the BEST playlist. Whoever made that list of songs, I salute you. It was the most soothing sound with a French? singer. The whole atmosphere feel relaxing and so perfect to spend your weekend here.

Service was  . . . I want to say awful but I kinda feel bad. There were exactly one bartender, one waitress (who also doubled as a cashier), and most likely only two cooks. The place was packed and the waitress was flustered but I can tell that she's trying. She ran back and fro and even the bartender delivered the drinks by himself. I commend her for keeping a smiley face (considering she must be fasting and probably feeling thirsty/hungry herself) when all other customer complained that his/her food is not here yet. 

We probably waited for a good ten minutes before said waitress came and get our order. We waited for another ten minutes before our drinks arrived. And then five minutes after that, the waitress told me that the surabi that I ordered had a bad batch and the cook didn't want to serve it so I ordered something else. Now, we both already ate so we weren't in a rush to get our food but I could imagine if someone came with a hungry belly and faced to this situation... Might not end well. I do hope the management will upgrade their service!

I went there since a friend recommended their surabi (kinda like a pancake) so I was disappointed when it was sold out. I ended up ordering Warm Bananut (50k). Waffle was a bit hard, not as fluffy and as warm as I expected. If you ate all the components together, they do taste pretty good. But I wouldn't say it's worth the money. I seriously hope the ice cream is a little bit bigger.  Maybe doesn't taste too much like a generic ice cream? I do believe it's a Campina or something along that line.

Overall, I do recommend a visit but avoid peak hours like lunch or dinnertime. Maybe brunch or tea time would be a better idea. And definitely avoid sitting near the bar. Below is the complete menu.

Sea Como Sea at Black Bird Hotel
Jl. Terusan Sersan Bajuri no. 9, Cihideung, Bandung
(022) 27611211


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