3 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

Hi, guys!
Leopard print is one of the most enduring print in the history of fashion. It is most popular during fall and this print is having a moment this year! Despite its popularity, lots of people avoid this print because they afraid to look "old' or "cheap"or well . . like a cougar. 
I believe the key is to choose the right kind of prints. I always stick to the most natural color; aka brown and black combo. I try my best to steer away from other colours than that. Pink, yellow, blue, or even orange; I will not pick it up. Also, how the item fits you is very important. I avoid anything tight-fitting and lean toward looser items. With that two keys in mind, I'm sure you'll rock any leopard print item! 

Here I put together three looks featuring leopard print.

Look One

First look is a very simple and easy combo of sweater and denim. I add a leopard printed scarf as an accent only. This is perfect for you who are still unsure whether you're into a leopard print or not. Any other accessories are great too! I owned a leopard print belt and wore it a couple times until I lost it. There are plenty of leopard printed bag and shoes as well that will incorporate easily into your fall wardrobe.

Look Two

Second look is my favorite out of all three. I chose a loose-fitting leopard printed blouse as an accent for my all black outfit. I love love love a power suit. The blazer helps to elevate the leopard printed blouse. I tucked in my blouse and added a belt for a slimmer silhouette. This look is very much work appropriate and for not-work related events, I would put on a red lipstick and a big round hoop earrings.

Look Three

Third look is actually a look from last year. I travelled to Edinburgh and decided to wear my leopard print coat. Mine is old and from Zara. I got it during a sale in 2016, I believe. This coat might scare you but again, with any statement item, keep everything else simple. I chose a black sweater and a dark blue jegging. To complete the look, I added a simple necklace and a hat. Believe it or not, I really like this coat. You can switch the top with a brown sweater and black jeans as well. Let the coat be the star.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great weekend!


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