September Favorites

Hi, guys!
I finally have some new stuff that are favorites this month. Granted, two of them are from my Korea trip. And obviously, my Korea trip definitely made it to the list! Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of September.

First up is a mask. I got this Mediheal N.M.F. Acquiring mask from a friend a couple years back and remember loving it. It has that tightening effect which I LOVE. It's perfect to wear a night before the weekend to make sure you won't get that puffiness in the morning. The NMF stands for Natural Moisturising Factor so it does makes my skin really really supple. It said that Mediheal uses a highly concentration of natural materials to help your unbalanced skin becomes more resistant to stress. I definitely feel the different in just two wears. I have hormonal textures and it's pretty much gone since I use this once a week. I bought a box consisted of 15 masks for KRW15,000 or around US$14. Which makes each mask costs only a dollar! Definitely worth to try.

Next item is a bullet lipstick from the brand of 3CE. I got it in the shade #223 Mauve. It's the one I'm wearing in my Nami Island and Petite France post. This formula is a dream. It glides on smoothly and has great pigmentation. I love that it gives perfect color in one swipe. Since it does have a matte finish, it lasts a good amount of time as well. Worry not, even tho it's matte, it feels like a velvet and not drying at all. And the color, it's a bit deeper than I saw online but it's still a great shade for everyday. Definitely regretting not getting the lip kit! Maybe another time.

Another lipstick that's been on a heavy rotation this month is a local product. It's BLP liquid lipstick in the shade of Butterfudge . Before I say anything, it is drying so I put on a lip balm before, and it's all good in lippie land. It is one of the prettiest shade of nude brown that actually fits me and doesn't wash me out. Maybe due to the fact that it is a warm nude brown and I do have a warm complexion. It pairs great with ColourPop Dream St. Palette.

Confession, I was considering to sell this Loup Noir bucket bag during my Spring Cleaning. But, since I've worn it only a handful times, I decided to give it another try in fall and I'm glad I did. This bag is perfect with all of my plain sweaters and jeans combo. It gives my outfit a little bit of jazz. Also, I think Loup Noir is such an underrated brand! The material is of the highest quality. Stitching is perfection and I love all of their prints. I actually had a hard time picking a color. If you have a store near you, definitely give it a visit.

If you like self help book, you must absolutely give this book a try! The Rahajeng twins are probably most known from their E! Asia presenter job. And I didn't realise this at first but they're actually my junior in uni. Man, I am feeling so unaccomplished now. But anyway, the first half of any biography book is always a little bit boring but it does give you a nice backstory. I definitely relate to Elizabeth so much in terms of her brush with depression. Moving away from everything you know as a kid is always hard and when I moved to Bandung at a young age, it definitely act as a catalyst to my dark days for a couple of years. But she did pulled herself out of that blackhole and look at both of them now! The second half is where the fun is at. Mind you, they both the first Indonesian presenters in E!. It's such an accomplishment and they tell it in a nice eloquent way. All of their past leading up to a good thing in the end.
The book is absolutely inspiring and on the plus side, it has beautiful graphics. My only complain is the pages material is a bit thin and it makes the book looks cheap. But other than that. it's a really good book for a light read before bed. I actually finished it in two days.

If you haven't watch this show already, what are you waiting for? In case you never heard it, The Good Place is a comedy series which story revolves around the after life. Basically, the whole system is based on points. If you do good things, you get plus points, and if you bad things, your points get reduced. Pretty much like a Hogwarts House point system. So, if you have enough points throughout your life, you'll end up at The Good Place aka heaven. And vice versa, if you don't have enough points to qualify to enter The Good Place, you'll end up in The Bad place which is basically hell. 
The twist is, there are four people that's not supposed to be in The Good Place. Basically, these four people are jerks in their life. Yet, due to some error, they ended up in the Good Place. Caution, the paragraph after this are SPOILERS.

So.. Basically, this whole error in the system is a ruse. As it turns out, The Good Place where our four main characters placed; is in fact, The Bad Place. Michael is not an angel we all thought, and he is actually a demon. He is the first demon to try this new practice of emotional torture instead of the old boring physical torture. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason, are basically his lab rats. Eleanor and other three try their best to be worthy of the Good Place only to find out it was The Bad Place all along. At the end of Season 1, Eleanor found out all bout it only to have Michael wiped out all of their memory and start over. 
In Season 2, the first four episodes are basically Eleanor keep figuring out all the 800-sih do-over. And then . . . another twist, Michael decided to team with the humans. Team Roach, as they say it. Because . . . hear this, as it turns out, Michael' boss, Shawn, had no idea that he did over than 800 trials and still failed. But anyway, this series are so so good I hope they keep making great stories. I was a bit skeptical how they are going to top off Season 1 but they freaking did it. If you have Netflix, please please do yourself a favour and watch this funny series.

I was actually confused whether to put this on August or September Favourites, but since I did get home on September, I decided to just put this on September'. Korea Trip is definitely the highlight of the month! I traveled with four other friends and had so much fun. I am putting together a post and a vlog is also coming. Do stay tune for that! Meanwhile you can read all about my Korea posts by clicking here.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great day! 


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