Kinda A Pumpkin Patch

Hi, guys!
I live in a tropical country so despite the fact that we do know about pumpkin, we don't have the fall weather. And there's no pumpkin patch whatsoever. Hence, this Halloween decor in a mall near my house is basically the closest thing we could have as a pumpkin patch. We did kinda get the orange theme at least, right?
Anyway, just popping in real quick. I am currently working on my Seoul Itinerary but somehow this laziness feeling just won't go away. It's been a good two weeks so I hope this series of lethargic-ness end soon. Also, have you prepped your Halloween costume? I have an idea and I already have all the items in my closet, I just need one more accessory which I made need to DIY it. 

Happy Friday and wishing everyone a great weekend ahead!


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