Fall Lookbook

Hi, guys!
I originally wanted to do a video but I'm being realistic here. I still have hours of footages from my Seoul trip and I'm only halfway of being finished with that vlog. Therefore, being the Virgo that I am, I decided to just do my Fall Lookbook here on this blog. Without further ado, here are five looks to help you get through your week.


Monday will be a little less daunting with a good outfit where you can feel your girl power. Leopard print is on trend and paired with this suit, it will gives you the confidence boost. I tucked in the blouse to give myself a waist and creating a slimmer silhouette to conceal all the weekend carbs.

I really really love this leopard blouse! It's chiffon so it's very airy. I deliberately size up since I want a loose top that can be easily dressed up and dressed down. I'm not one to be afraid of leopard print but I'm not the biggest fan either. I own a leopard coat and a leopard scarf but that's pretty much it.  This blouse is the latest addition to my closet. Do you like leopard print trend this fall?


Detective Stevia reporting for duty! I definitely feel some Sherlock vibe with this awesome awesome vest coat. The model from the boutique wore a black turtleneck and black pants with this vest, which I thought about doing the same but then I decided to play with the maroon lines from the vest; and I love how my sweater gives a pop of color and then matching that maroon with my bucket bag. Definitely a perfect meeting outfit.

Bought this Loup Noir bag a year ago and it's been on a heavy rotation this month. Love the pattern and the bucket style obviously. It's my one and only bucket bag in my closet. Also, the color is just oh so very fall.


This blazer actually comes as a set but unfortunately the skirt is a bit too tight for me, I couldn't zip it all the way up; so I think I'm going to sell it. But anyway, this red terracotta color screams fall and I decided to paired it with a simple white top and suede brown skirt. I'd say this look not only work appropriate, but also a perfect lunch meet up outfit with your friends.

The blazer is actually made of a cotton material so it's not very warm, but being in a tropical country where the lowest we get is 16 degree celcius, I'm actually happy about that fact!


This is my favorite outfit since it is very warm and it has this amazing skirt; with pockets! Win. Also, any outfit that features my favorite Uniqlo sweater. I got this sweater a couple years ago and it's still one of my favorite. Not to mention the combo of brown and forest green looks like match made in heaven. This look is perfect for a movie date or just a casual stroll around the garden.


Last but surely not least is a look that will be perfect for a date with your significant other. Got this skirt from Bangkok and I always pull it out whenever the leaves turn brown. I even paired this skirt with an off shoulder top for a wedding ceremony. My turtleneck knit is short sleeve since I do live in a tropical country but you can definitely trade it with a long sleeve. 

Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a good day!


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