Starfield Library at COEX Mall, Seoul

Hi, guys!
On the last day, after checking out from hotel, my husband and I had about 3 hours before we have to get back to the hotel to pick up our luggage and then head to the airport. We were planning to fly our drone at Han Gang Drone Park. Alas, it rained. Quickly I suggested to visit Starfield Library. This library was exactly in our itinerary but we missed it.

We took a bus from the hotel and it was quite a ride. About 45 mins from Myeongdong. We rushed inside and immediately wow-ed. This library is huge. With 13 meters tall bookcase and said to have 50.000 books, this library is pretty much a bookworm dream comes true.

We got in from the second floor entrance and there were a couple people sitting with their books and laptops. This library is free of charge of course and they even encourage you take pics so don't be shy.  There were a couple picture spot that the library team taped on the floor to give you the best angle. This library is located inside a mall so it's not the most quiet or serene library. We do try our best to keep our voices down tho.

Starfield Library also holds events, such as poetry reading and lectures. Everyone is welcome to join free of charge. This place is relatively new but it attracts many people including tourists. Thankfully it wasn't too crowded so we still had a nice relaxing time here. I do love the curved bookcase and just how spacious this library is. Glad to see a country who supports its citizen to read more.

If you do have the time, definitely try to visit! But I wouldn't say this library is a "must visit" tho. John Ryland library in Manchester still hands down the greatest library I have ever visited.

Anyway, thank you for reading and wishing everyone a very good day.


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