August Favorites

Hi, guys!
I am so sorry for posting super late but I haven't been feeling well after my trip to Korea. It took about a week for me to recover. I am feeling much better now after two acupuncture session tho! Therefore, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things in the month of August.

First up is Steve Madden quilted bum bag. I saw this bag a few times on other bloggers and I thought it look super cute and since the price tag is reasonable, I quickly put an order! This bag is a slight deviation from my girly outfit but I am exploring new uncharted water these days and this bag is a welcome change. Surprisingly this bag is quite easy to style and the size is perfect for me. You'll see this bag in my Korea posts for sure.

Like I said, with the bag, come a new style of dressing for me. I wouldn't say it's boyish, more like an athleisure type of outfit. I love my Adidas snapback so much that I wore it three times on my Korea trip. The pink one is also super cute but I found harder to incorporate to my outfit. Will definitely play around with it more. Oh, the pink snapback is from a local store called Stroberi.

I think I finally found my holy grail of eye treatment. This Heimish Hydrogel Eye Patch smells sooo good. And the formula doesn't sting! Which is a very important traits when it comes to anything around eye. I've only used it four times (once a week) and I can feel that my undereye color is brighter already. I can't say much about my wrinkles since it's pretty bad but it's great for textures as well. The price is also really reasonable for 30 times wear. The shape is also pretty good for eyes. It does keep sliding once you applied it but after five minutes, when it starts to dry, it sticks really well for the rest 15 minutes. A must try if you happen to stumble upon it!

Another skincare item that is not exactly brand new or ground breaking, but it's still really good. I just purchased the full size since I ran out of my travel size. I repurchased the travel size three times already and it feels natural to transition into full size. This one moisturise my skin really well. I especially love bringing the travel size for flights. Really helps to fight the dryness of pressurised cabin.

nTo be honest, All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr wasn't love at first sight.  It took me about a hundred pages before I was really immersed and genuinely concerned about each character' ending (well except for Von Rumpel). Although to be fair, I am one of those person who's not a fan of a book that goes back and forth in timeline. I did immediately fell in love with Marie-Laure. Each character feels like a real person, with their own quirks, flaws, and deep backstory.
I am personally amazed by Anthony Doerr description on how a blind "see", think, and process her surrounding. This is one of the book that easily transports you into its own world. The story has heart and honestly heart-wrenching. However, it does have a kind-of-happy ending despite not being a happily ever after kind. Definitely add this to your reading list.

I'm sure this TV show needs no introduction. I've watched an episode here and there in the past few years, mostly during flights, since it's no available on my TV. However, thanks to Netflix, I finally got to binge watch this! I love each family and how it has its own loveable quirks and problems. Phil is definitely my favorite character and Gloria right after. If you like The Big Bang Theory, definitely try watching this! I'm on Season 4 and I'm hooked.

And that's all for August favorites. Wishing everyone a great midweek!


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