October Favorites

Hi, guys!
I know I know I am very late, but it's been a sick-ish week for me so I've been focusing to rest. I am feeling a tad better tho; so without further ado, here are a few of my favourite things in this spooky month!

First up is this Bath and Body Works Sleep Body Lotion. It smells of lavender and cedar wood and it is heavenly. I personally love earthy smell more for body lotion instead of your typical VS artificial floral scent. It is infused with natural essential oil so it really does moisturise your skin pretty well. I don't think it helps me with sleep, I think the action of putting on and self massaging yourself plays more part in getting sleepy. The packaging is a 10/10. I really like the brown glass bottle, it gives some sort of vintage bottles vibe.

If you don't know this product yet, be blessed,because this Shiseido Ultimune is literally heaven-sent. I love putting this one after a rough weekend and just the next day it would rejuvenate my tired skin. 
It is a serum so it's not too thick, it's actually quite watery which my oily skin love. It dries after about ten seconds as you pat the product into your skin. I usually only wear it at night but for special occasion, I do like to wear it before I put on my make up and it makes my foundation lasts longer.  Shiseido Ultimune is pricey but I think it worths every penny. 

Another favorite perfume at this time of the year is Nina by Nina Ricci. I do prefer muskier scent when it's cold since floral scent seems to lost in the midst of the wind. LOL. I'm almost out but I don't think I'm going to repurchase. I'm always up to find new perfume!

So I know vitamin candy is usually for kids but man this one is so good! I feel like I was coming down with a sore throat after a getaway weekend to Jakarta but I just ate two of this per day and my throat feels fine know. The sales girl told me you can eat this up to two per day if you're feeling unwell. But for maintenance, just eat once per day. It tastes like a gummy bear and even my husband loves it. Definitely a favorite.

This book is a mix of a lot of feelings. Don't let the title fool you, even tho it says Elsie, this book is very much about Florence, the main protagonist. When I read the back cover, I was intrigued because it sounds a little bit detective-ish/thriller-ish. And I mean, with an 84 year old as the main character? That sounds really unique. Granted, despite all the mystery surrounding Gabriel Price, this book still has that warmth and definitely reminds me to never leave my parents at a nursing home! Not  that nursing home is bad, it's just that feeling of neglect, you know.  Honestly, as Asian, we never even thought about that. I always thought they would live in my house and I would hire a nurse. But anyway, the who is and what happened with Gabriel Price remains as the driving force of the story. For once I don't mind the flashbacks since the chapters are pretty clear. I would have to say it's not a wow book but it successfully keeps me curious and turning the page far long after I should have done other things!

I'm sure about 90% of you watched this series so I won't elaborate too much. It's such a perfect series to binge watch on Halloween! It's not too scary, but not not scary either. It's the perfect amount of scariness for me. I personally love Sabrina' outfits. She always stands out with her red coat and headband. So easy to recreate as your Halloween costume! I always like the fact that even tho Sabrina' friends seems to have cellphone, she alone didn't have any. 

I'm pretty sure I mentioned a few times I loved K-Pop and then kinda stopped when I graduated. Lately, precisely when I went to Korea last month, I found my love of K-Pop songs once more. Despite the most famous Blackpink, I am pretty much obsessed with Red Velvet. The name means they have two side, Red - which is the more mature sexy side of them; and Velvet - their soft and fun side. I never found a group where I like all of the members. I love Wendy for her big strong vocal. Yeri for her sweet soft voice. Irene for being the baby leader and OMG that face; I'd kill to have her perfect face. Joy for her unique voice and her figure is every girl dream. While Seulgi always have the perfect move with the perfect voice. She also has a very Korean pretty face; monolid and all!
I'd have to say from all of their hits, I love Bad Boy the most. They don't do the Red side very often but when they did, it's a bop.

And that is all of my favorites this month. Thank you so much for reading and wishing everyone a great midweek!


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