Greetings from Mount Titlis, Zurich

Hello and greetings, my fellow bloggers!
Apologize for such long hiatus. After my three weeks vacation, I had a sudden blogger lazyness in me but I decided to fight it off by posting now.
Here are a set of pictures from Mount Titlis located in Zurich, Switzerland. This mountain is such a true beauty one couldn't help but to marvel of God's artistic favor for us. Being someone from a two weather country, I was completely amazed and so grateful to ever see this mountain with my very own set of eyes.
Although surrounded by snow, I wasn't feeling cold at all. It was a perfect temperature. Perhaps because we only stop at the 1st stop instead going all the way up (too pricey!). So I let you to enjoy the pictures and do look forward for my next vacation posts :)

Have a great week ahead!

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