The City of Romeo and Juliet

As you probably can guess already, my smart readers, these set of pictures are from Verona. Now, if you have no idea that Romeo and Juliet' story background is in Verona, you might want to brush up your English and re-read that Shaksepeare play once more.

I was so excited to visit Casa di Giulietta a.k.a Juliet's home. Unfortunately as fate had it, our stars did not crossed at all. The rest of the tours were all tired and the mothers and fathers stay behind at McDonalds while the youngsters and spirited ventured to Piazza Bra for sightseeing and of course, taking pics in this monumental Arena di Verona. 

Piazza Bra is stated to be one of the largest piazza in Italy. I love the vintage buildings and how everyone was walking their dog in the dusk of 8 PM. I do wish that we had a chance to have a hot chocolate in one of those many cafes but we only had 30 minutes to look around since our parents were all too tired.

Palazzo della Gran Guardia was finished built in 1853 and now is being used as a venue for confereneces, meetings, and exhibitions.

Palazzo Barbieri is Verona's town hall built in 1836 by Giuseppe Barbieri but only completed at 1848.
I absolutely love how everything is so old, magnificent, gloriously filled with history.

Thank you for reading.
Next post is from Porto Di Garda!

P.S. Sorry for low quality pictures, my shoulders were aching I couldn't help but to leave my heavy DSLR in the car


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