District29 Bandung

cape blazer - House of Fabolous, top - c/o Laku.com , jeans - Alcott
heels - Rotelli, bag - Fendi 2Jours

Visited District 29 located at Jalan Bungur a few weeks ago. The place is located, again, super near to my house so I ended up came back twice in the same week after my first visit on Wednesday. My experiences there have been pleasant except for the slow waiters. They look like they're doing this for the very first time (pretty sure they are) so taking orders were slow and they don't memorize the menu (unlike my very favorite cafe, Herbs and Spice, where all the waiters and waitresses can take orders without even writing them down and throw in menu's names complete with the detail of the dish when I'm not sure what to order). But other than that, it was an okay service. Food is good if you know what to order. Price is normal by Bandung standard.

Interior is very industrial but there are plenty sofas making it comfy to sit for a long time. Not impressed with the low table, making it difficult to eat. I do love the Marilyn Monroe artwork! It made out of wires. Impressive! And a perfect spot to take photos :)

Tahu Cabe Garam (23rb)
As a big fan of anything tofu, this one is highly recommended! 
The chicken quesadillas is also recommended by one of the owner.

Spaghetti Meatball (35rb)
I love this one. The meatball is really good but the spaghetti was strange because it was chewy although after a while you get used to it. But you can request to change the spaghetti into the usual one.

Spaghetti Carbonara (35rb)
This one is a nice option too! I love the creamy and cheesy flavour.

Spaghetti Meatball with the normal spaghetti, not the chewy one :)

This place serves beers but I highly recommend their Peach Strawberry Iced Tea (25rb). 
Sweet and fresh at the same time.

District 29
Jalan Bungur no. 29, Bandung
Monday - Thursday 12.00 noon - 11.00PM
Friday - Sunday 12.00 noon - 12.00 midnight
Instagram : district_29


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