Best of Summer

Hi, guys!
Apologies for posting so scarcely these days. I have lost my mojo, I have to admit. But after staying away from laptop for two weeks, I do miss the keyboard sounds as weird as that might be. But anyway, it is officially fall and I thought we reminisce a bit about the hot season which has passed, which is the best of summer in my opinion.

Leave your worries by the shore line,
And run your bare feet through the sand,
Let the water be a soft bed,
When you cannot bear to stand,
Hold the sun up on your palm,
before you duck beneath the water
Where at the world is mute and calm

Swim above the waves and gasp,
Let the water hold your sadness
And wash it out to the sea
Like a message in a bottle,
all your worries are set free,
and the seas might make you feel alone,
But the world has troubles too

For how else do you suppose?
That the ocean got so blue?

Poem by e.h

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Wishing everyone a great rest of the week! Two more days until weekend.


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