Cookies for A Good Cause!

How was Halloween, bloggers? I can't wait to do blogwalking and see all your scary Halloween outfits <3!
I was originally planning to dress up as a scout girl.. Can you tell? But I couldn't find time (seems to be my biggest problem these past two weeks. Time oh time..) to make the sash with the badges and also I couldn't find the hat.. Oh well.. There's always next year. Besides, here in Indonesia, we don't really celebrate Halloween. Which is a huge relieve for me as I am not a huge fan of anything horror-related... ;p

hat - Fiore, top - D'fash Butik, belt - Cotton On, skirt - Bloopendorse
shoes - Juice String, box bag - TickTock Vintage

I cannot get over how comfy my shoes from Juice String are.. Besides the platforms and the heels, they manage to create a sense of walking in the clouds... Okay, I'll stop now. This is probably one of my favorite outfit so far. I love how the all brown colors seems to blend in together although they are all different shades of brown :)

What is your weekend plan?
For Bandung bloggers, I urgently suggest to go to Trademark at PVJ! (follow their tweet @Trademark_bdg)
I managed to went there an hour before opening party, (Nidya from Shimmer Bliss was kind enough to send me an invitation for the opening party which with a sad-heart I must declined due to my English course schedule!) thanks to my friend who is one of the tenant there. We sneaked in pass the security.. LOL. It seems there are a lot of gorgeous stores that will drained your bank account. Must keep my shopping-instinct in check!
My friend's store is DemigodDenim and there is also InstaxShop! The couple that owns InstaxShop is the cutest couple there is.. Seriously.. They are the perfect model for the store :)
Sending my love to both stores and yes.. all other stores!

Enjoy your weekend :)

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