Daylight Robbery

Miss blogsphere so much!
I can't believe I've been isolated from the world wide web since Saturday.. And survived. LOL. Apparently, my modem was struck by lightning! It has been raining every single day all day long that my friends and I called Bandung as Forks (yes, that city from Twilight movie with its never ending rain) And earlier today the techie from the modem company finally came and did his magic.. 

I am well aware that daylight robbery is actually doesn't mean that a thief steal daylight.. But in this case, I think I will implement the literal meaning of this clause. It is just such a quaint term that I couldn't help to use it as the title. The day I took the picture, the light was strangely super cooperative resulting in whimsical pictures! I guess I would say I steal the lights into my pictures cause as soon as I finished with the photo shoot, rain fell!

 hat - Chaussure Modest, dress - JessJess Shop, accessories - all gifted from friends!, 
tights - White Shop, shoes - Bata

I can't believe it's halfway through weekend already! (actually, I can ;p) Two more days and we shall have our resting days, dear friends! I have yet another wedding invitation this weekend.. Not sure if I will come or not as I have the worst cramp right now.. Boo.. Going to drink a hot sweet tea and take a nap :)

How is your week so far?

Oh.. I noticed the new followers! I have to admit, that I am totally lame at replying comment :(
If you want a quick response, just tweet me @EscapeSweetest with your link and I will follow you back ASAP! <3

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