Flower Bells

It is Wednesday and we are halfway through weekend! Yippie..
Is everyone healthy tho? My teachers are sick and even my manager was sick a few days ago! But everyone is all right now and I really starting to think my time is due. I feel slightly dizzy and nauseous now. Lying in bed for a few minutes before heading out for a karaoke night! 

How is your week so far?

headband - thrifted, collar - Fevelle, dress &belt - thrifted, sandals - Charles&Keith

I was lucky enough to find this store, Fevelle, where it sells a detachable collar. As you might well aware, I have a slight obsession over peter pan collar. Now that I have a detachable one, my obsession is well fulfilled. ;)
My sister and I found this flower bells everywhere around our house so we decided to held a mini photoshoot. Have you checked my sister's blog? If you haven't, you can click the picture of the girl with the brown hat on my left bar! 

I hope everyone stays healthy! Eat and sleep well, will you? <3

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