Although it's weekend, I've been feeling a little bit off.. Like.. I'm not sure actually, but I just forgetting everything and I also been feeling a little.. mm.. lazy? Somehow I just don't have the will to do anything. Even sleeping seems dull to me. After the karaoke night, I do feel a little better but the next morning I'm back to ground zero. Like someone else is in my body and doing all the stuff like talking or eating and I'm just watching my body from afar. Sort of ghostly, I suppose..

Sorry for such dark thoughts! I just don't feel like typing something happy or cute right now.

Just some neglected pictures from a month ago.. Nothing special with this outfit really. Not a post-worthy outfit but I do want to show you the dress I got from H&M a few months ago. The bow patterns are just too adorable to resist.

dress - H&M, cardigan - BTC, heels - Charles&Keith,

What do you do to lift your spirit up? 


  1. LOVE the lighting in these pictures and the print on that dress is darling!!

  2. it's just a phase! :)

    i listen to music to lift my spirits up or eat some chocolate. hehe.

  3. you look adorable :)
    cheer up! everything's gonna be chill' if you feel so ♥


  4. love the dress on you, looking cute :)

  5. Cute! Love it dear ;)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  6. I feel the same today, havent taken pj's off! we need those days sometimes :)

  7. Awh, I'm so sorry to hear that you feel that way. I usually have those feelings when I'm REALLY stressed out and couldn't care less. I try to bring myself back to normal by talking to my friends, maybe do something fun together..

    Hope you're feeling better soon. :)

    Well, on a completely other note, I absolutely love the outfit. The dress is really cute, love the pattern. You can never go wrong with stripes, polka dots or bows. :D

    Kisses !

  8. you look really cute with that dress!!

  9. That dress is so pretty! These are adorable photos!

  10. Very nice dress. I love all of your outfits ! I followed you :)

  11. I have totally felt like that before, don't worry you aren't alone in your ghostliness. I like your spotty dress:)

  12. thanks for your concern. I'm okay, dear :)
    great photos! love the printed dress, it looks good on you!

  13. Very beautiful pictures! So lovely!
    Join my giveaway!

  14. Stevia, this outfit is super cute! Love the print and cardi. I just read your post and rest is always good. Doing things that you LOVE helps too! :D


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