A BonVieux Day

Here are the 3rd set of pictures from my trip to Singapore!
I do think it's better to divide it into few different posts instead of just one, don't you think?
It makes me feel less... emm... full of me? LOL

Anyway, it is weekend!
What's your plan?
Mine include cleaning my closet! 
It is the end of the year and I want to get rid of stuff that I haven't wear in the last 6 months. Just so my closet can have a little space to breathe :)

As usual.. Powering up for another day of walking and walking and perhaps some shopping?

My 2nd favorite outfit from the trip! (and should I say favorite pic? Look at those lights!)
Dress - BonVieux, blazer - Gowigasa, 
bag - CarloRino, sandals - Rubi.

If I were, a jungle fairy, this bed would be my bed. Yes. Completed with a few owl friends singing me lullaby to sleep <3

Such lovely detailing vintage blouse from BonVieux!

flower hairpin - H&M, blouse - BonVieux, skirt - vintage, bag - CarloRino, sandals - Rubi

Ah.. Now you understand my post title don't you? 
Yes.. It was a day where I wear two purchased items from BonVieux
It is such a darling little online store. You should definitely pay a visit! I bought three items from the store for a discounted price! It was probably the best deal I ever made.. Okay. Slightly exaggerating.. 
Most of their items are vintage so there is only one piece per item! Go visit their store now! Too much exclamation point? Yeah.. I'm too pumped up.

I'm graduating today.. My Korean class that is..
We all have to wear a pink tee! It has been a long time since I wear a t-shirt in public.
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  1. You certainly had a good time in Singapore.

    I am so jealous. The weather there must be nice.


  2. I like the 2nd pic too :)
    nice outfit and nice background :)

  3. waw nice blog :) following you now, follow me back? I'm also from Bandung but living in Jkt haha

  4. amazing trip ,huh ? envy :( really wanna go there , but hmmm i cant . and btw love the 1st photo dear :D

  5. Lovely outfit;)
    I linked your blog:D maybe you can visit my blog sometimes:)


  6. stunning dress and cute pictures dear!!

  7. wooow amazing trip !! hihi btw i love the pic no.2 :))

  8. nice pictures dear, seems like you had so much fun in singapore! :)
    and, I also love the bed<3 its so cute :3

    what lenses did you wear? looks good on you ;D

  9. so amazing !



  10. i got the dreamhigh necklace from my friend as she sells it, do email me if you want i can help you. :) anyway, awesome pictures. i love the dress on first look and top on the second look. stunning <3


  11. You look so stylish...blew me away!
    So in love with the whole outfit!


  12. I looove your casual style, it looks really comfy and pretty. And btw THOSE are gprgeous Christmas trees! :D


  13. quick question first, I've been dying to know how to edit my photos better and I love how you blur out the background of your pics, What photo editor do you use?! I would love to try it asap! :) I would love to know, thanks!
    second of all, looks like you had such a fun time in Singapore! I would love to go there. I love your style, so cute!

    The House of Shoes

  14. Hi beautiful! Thank you for shopping at my little shop. I didn't know they sell the dress to you... i'm happy she has a gorgeous owner now.
    Great trip it seemed, I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas coming :)

  15. Love your dress dear! :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  16. love, love all your outfits. i'm cleaning out my closet by selling some clothes that i don't get to wear. :)

  17. Beautiful lace top! :D

  18. looks like you had fun! i love that jungle bed-crazy pretty!

    i'm following you!



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