Pink Picnic

I was going to post this yesterday but couldn't find time! I spent the whole day cleaning my closet and gave away 3 pile of clothes with 7 bags and I have one another pile that will go into my store :) 
And then it was suddenly 6 o'clock and I completely forgot my mom held a mini Christmas dinner and fellowship until she told me to shower! LOL. It was small and there were only 15 of us but it was really intimate and it pulled me back to the reason why we celebrate Christmas. The born of our saviour, Jesus Christ, instead of about presents and the festivities. Sometimes I do forget and I need something like that to remind myself about the holy reason why we celebrate Christmas.

floppy hat - Chaussure Modest, blouse - vintage thrifted, 
skirt - Maize Clothing, wedges - Charles&Keith

Took the pictures about 2 months ago.. I'm not sure why I haven't post it. I surely did not forget about these pics but somehow other pictures slipped in and this one went to draft. ;p
My dad passed by with his car when I took these pictures. He stopped and laughed. I'm pretty sure I made his day. He hates taking pictures! But his mother (RIP, Oma..) LOVES taking pictures just like me, and I know it reminds him how there's a little piece of his mother stay forever in me :)

I bought the picnic basket for no clear reason (I do that a lot) and thought of picnic by the beach every time I lay my eyes on it (currently sitting on top of my closet). Why beach? I'm not sure. I just miss it I guess. I haven't been to the beach for almost 2 years now, I guess..

I know it's strange to stumble upon my blog and view pictures of all summer inspired outfits where everyone in blogsphere seems to be getting in the glamorous party/dinner mood. Worry not, I just purchased the most fabulous skirt ever (lace+tule) and will show it to you on the next post :)

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