Packing Flowers

Okay okay, I haven't been blogwalking but I seriously couldn't find enough time to sleep let alone blogwalking... ;(

The good news is, although I still feel a little ghostly, but I am feeling better! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my last post <3
I guess it's just a phase and I do believe the worst has passed. I just need a few more days (and finishing my exams!) so I can get back to my usual self :)

Today has been stressful but I finally found time to pack for my 4days trip to Singapore this Saturday. Again, this blog would be a little quiet. But I do prepare one scheduled post for Sunday so mark your calendar and visit my blog on that day ;p

beanie - BTC, polka dress - a Facebook store which name I couldn't remember, cardigan - Polo, backpack - Mayonette, oxfords - Gaudi

I was contemplating for a while to get the backpack or not cause I know I won't be wearing it much. But it is just to adorable to resist. I fell in love with the soft syntethic leather and the flowery details. I talked about it non stop for a few weeks and I'm pretty sure my sis got sick of it since she repeatedly said "just bought the bag already!". So I followed her lead ;p

Anyway. I have to keep this short and sweet.
My mom and I (well mostly, me, cause I have the worst control-freak over everything) are going to put up our Christmas tree! Excited..
Going to twit pic it so do follow my twitter :)

Isn't Christmas just the best time of the year?

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