A Collar Person

Some people say they are "a bag snob" or "a shoe whore" well..
 I supposed I should call my self "a collar obsessed"?
 I am finding myself attracted to anything with adorable collar.. Like this top from BonVieux. 

tee - BonVieux, shorts - Velvet, shoes - Rubi,
 bag - CarloRino, belt - CottonOn

Last minute shopping.. Can you believe this immaculate bracelet is only SGD$7.90??

New shoes! <3

Back at Changi Airport.  How adorable are those AngryBirds statues? Are they really that big? I thought birds are supposed to be small..

Exactly one more hour before it was the time for boarding to the plane ;)

Those are the last set of my trip pictures!
Hopefully you are not tired of me after three days straight of posting!
Now that Christmas break is finally upon me (last exam was Friday!) I have all the free time in my hand so be ready for more posts! (again.. overabused of exclamation point. what can I say? Holiday.. Christmas.. Two of my favorite things!)

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