The Shape of Things to Come

I hope all of you had a good week so far!

Mine has been a tiresome one and I have been feeling expectionally unenergized lately, hence, the lack of post. Boohoo. Days have been longer yet I feel like I don't have enough time to rest and just do things out of leisure without watching the clock. But well, dreams don't come cheap, darlings! Things are really coming into shape and I am super excited for this project we are doing. I definitely will share the great news when it's ready :)

Absolutely in love with this bag. I especially adore the soft blue color and the delicate white ruffles! Wonderfully vintage. I also seem to develop more and more love for anything pink. Oh the horor! said my 20 year old self. Never really liked pink until two years ago..

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!
Yes, it's one day away..

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white shirt - vintage, pleated midi skirt - c/o Auburn and Ginger, ring, blue vintage bag, and pin - c/o, pearl bracelet - H&M, pink heels - The Little Things She Need, 

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