Vacation Outfit + Klapa Bali Review

Daydresses are my achilless heels. I definitely will have difficulity to say no to a super cute daydress. They are just super practical and unfailingly reliable to make you look polished and chic yet casual at the same time. This one with the soft colors is a darling and there's a bow in the back but I forgot to take pic of the backside.. What's important is that you need at least one perfect daydress. It will look like you try to look good, but in fact, you don't have to think at all! You just put it on and you have a look. How convinience, right?

dress - c/o, bag - Gaudi, sunnies - Zara, watch - Guess, sandals - Marie Claire, hat - Bali

The pictures above were taken at the entrace of Klapa New Kuta Beach. It's a lounge resto with a pool. The place is absolutely worth to visit! The entrance fee is 100 thousand rupiah per person but you can exchange the entire 100 thousand rupiah for food and drinks which are not too pricey. It's quite standard cause with 600 thousand rupiah we were able to buy six drinks, two pizzas, one calamari, and one nachos. Not bad at all, right?

The views are absolutely breath-taking and the beach (you need to take stairs down to go to the beach) is even better then the one in Karma Kandara! Although the waves are bigger and there are more rocks. Didn't take any pics of the beach, unfortunately. The whole atmosphere is just super beachy and relaxed, like nothing can annoy you, well, except for the heat. But that's probably just because we went there at 12 o'clock. The waiters are all super helpful but food and drinks took too long to come out. And it wasn't even that crowded..

Hopefully everyone will have a great weekend!

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  1. gorgeous pics!i really adore your look great :)

  2. totally love this dress on you!
    it makes me think that i need more daydresses hahahha
    enaknya yang ke baliii. nice review of the place
    and congratulations for winning my giveaway
    will email you in a while

    style frontier

  3. Breath-taking is right! Wow, how I wish I could be there right now :-) You look incredibly lovely - between the dress, hat, and shoes I am head over heels! Have a lovely weekend darling gal! xo Marisa

  4. I love this outfit.
    Your dress is so cute. :)
    And all this food looks so delicious... ;)

  5. Your dress is too cute!
    I'm so jealous of all the food

  6. Oh man you look so adorable and summery! I love your hat and sunglasses. All of this food looks absolutely delicious too!

  7. Your photos make me long to take a vacation right now. You look to cute in your summery outfit too! <3


  8. You're so gorgeous :D visit me on


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