Edinburgh Castle Visit

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FINALLY reaching the Edinburgh posts. Okay, I still have about 4 to 5 posts before I finished with my UK Trip posts, but . . . we are getting there. Opening the Edinburgh series with its most famous landmark obviously, Edinburgh Castle. The pic above is its gloriousness captured at sunset from Princes Street Garden.
The fortress itself looks as though it has been carved from the very stone upon which it sits. It is powerful yet elegant, lavish yet wholly inviting to anyone fortunate enough to find themselves standing at the castle gate. These are the doors and walls and windows that have seen kings and queens, saints and sinners, voyagers from all corners of the world. And now . . . little ole me.

Quiet honestly, I was SO EXCITED to visit this castle because its my very first castle ever and for a kid who grows up with fairy tales (I also have a slight obsession with Merlin TV Series), it could not have been more anticipated. I was a bit nervous because the morning when I woke up, there were zero sun but I kept a positive attitude and it was only a slight rain for about 15 mins. So the castle is on the hill (yes, just like that Ed Sheeran song) named Castle Rock and you need to hike for a few short minutes since no cars allowed unless you're officials of the Castle management.

Which I say a smart move because Edinburgh is such a lovely city and you get to see these amazing view once you reach the top. There's a security bag check before you walk in to the castle and purchase tickets. The castle opens everyday from 9.30 AM to 5 PM (last entry on 4 PM). We arrived around 10.30 AM.

So that's me, happily queuing (you can't tell that I was thrilled cause I"m supercool like that LOL) to get our entrance tickets. The ticket fee is 17 pound sterling without the audio guide (guided tour is also available). They give you the map for free  and we also decided to get the book (I forgot the price). I'm not sure why since I haven't touched that book again since we got home. LOL. But it makes a nice memorabilia.

 St. Margaret's Chapel which is the oldest building in the castle.

The Great Hall really got me all excited since I can seriously imagine King and warriors gather here around the round table strategising over a war or you know, a ball . . . that is also nice. The armor in the pic below can stirs up so many imagination.

Posing in front of the Royal Palace. We also went inside Crown Room to see well .. the crown and the spectre but there were no photography allowed inside. The Crown Jewel building is small and there is only one line for people to walk. Barely any space to just stand still and read the information posted. But we did get to see it or them. . . since in the coronation, both the crown and the spectre is used.

Inside the bedroom of King and Queens. No kidding, this room was huge even tho you can't really see it. In fact, I believed the map called it "apartment".

Below the Great Hall, there's a prison where they recreated the look of the dungeon from years ago. There's even food and games on the table for display (all fake of course). The dungeon were not as scary as I thought it would be. We also went in to War Memorial building but once again, there were no photograph allowed to honour the fallen. After that, we finished our very first visit at a castle.

All in all, I do think you should definitely visit Edinburgh Castle. All the staff were very cheerful and kind, typical British, I know. All buildings and exhibition were well-kept and clean. The maps and the signs were clear. A very enjoyable visit indeed.

I do apologise that there's a lot of me in these pic. I mentioned before that I lost one of my memory card, and that is from my Fuji camera which I use to take artistic photos of the places (without me in it LOL); however, my husband misplaced that memory card when we replace a new one since the missing one was full. This pics are all (except the three photos which I already transferred to my phone to post on IG) from my Canon camera which was manned by my husband for the purpose of our vlog and touristy photo since its a point and shoot so its easier when we ask a stranger to take a pic of the two of us. I was this close to cry when we realised we lost that memory card but that's life I guess. So I make the best of what I got :)

Thank you for reading and wishing everyone a happy midweek!


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