A Fresh Start

Edinburgh, November 2017

Happy new year, folks!
We, as human beings, tend to look for opportunities to wipe clean our past mistakes and begin again with a clean slate. A fresh start in a new year is hardly a revelation, but I do believe that January 1st is a good time to readjust your sail and boldly take new chances to reach your dream. Your goals might seem distant and out of reach, but we do after all, have 365 new opportunities. So just create smaller goals to reach the big goals. Take it day by day, with great discipline, and you'll get there. 

The year of 2017 has been a whirlwind for me. Got married and moving out of our apartment to our new home is quite an adventure and such a celebratory milestone for me personally. Nothing much happened other than that. Well, my travels are always a near and dear to my heart. I got the chance to revisit Australia, Thailand, and Bali. I also finally see the beauty of Big Ben with my own eyes.

Writing down resolution is never a thing for me since I don't handle failure very well. I am tho, looking ahead to 2018 with a bigger renewed faith. And hopeful for more of new adventures, exploring this wide world in all its variety, its messiness, its loveliness.

If you're in a bad place (since holidays can be really hard for people with broken families or lost loved ones) just know that you create your own destiny. It is true, sometimes we are simply given a bad lot, a bad example to follow perhaps. But why not try to make your own destinies? Build your own constellations? If you are not satisfied with the world or your current circumstances, you have the power to create a new one. Your future is not set in stone.

I like to imagine life as a curving river, one that at times must carve new streams through parched lands and push through rocky paths, and at other times rushes and flows with great ease. Its path is full of twists and turns--and surprises. Often we found ourselves not getting what we want, but eventually, you have exactly what you need and you are exactly where you need to be.

As you embark on this new fresh start, do try to be familiar with your strengths and qualities. Establish what you can truly rely on. And make sure to always carry three things with you : faith, hope, and love.

Wishing everyone an amazing 2018.


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