2 Days Manchester Itinerary

Hi, guys!
I am trying my best to put out my travel posts as quickly as I can since it does feel dragged out. LOL. But.. Here are what we did on our 2 Days in Manchester. 


From London we took Virgin Trains to Manchester Piccadilly. The train ride took about 2 hours and it's quite comfy! We used BritRailPass just so we have more flexibility. We did the math and the price is just slightly more expensive if we buy single train tickets to each cities we wanted to visit. With the pass, you can ride any train you want at any time you want during a 9 days period. 

After checking in to our hotel, we took Uber to Manchester Town Hall. We didn't go inside since I'm not even sure if we're allowed. The building contains offices and sometimes used as a wedding site. I do admire the neo-gothic exterior of the building. That tower clock looks like a little brother for Big Ben :)

We than walked to John Rylands Library which you can read all about it by clicking here.

For dinner (we had lunch at T.G.I.Fridays at the train station) I was craving for some Asian food because well, I'm Asian so we decided to try Shoryu Ramen. We took another uber and had a very hearty yummy dinner of chicken katsu curry rice. If you want some Japanese food, this is definitely a recommended one!


Bright and early the next day, first stop was Manchester United Old Trafford Stadium (via uber once again, we took uber all the time we were in Manchester). We were going to take the stadium tour but for some reason there were no bookings available with the reason of renovation. I was sad for my husband since he's quite a fan altho to be honest, I was also curious to see the big stadium.

We had an uneventful (altho yummy) lunch at Subway near Old Trafford and le husband also decided to visit Manchester City, which I understand is a competition? I don't know, my soccer knowledge is -1. On both stadium we only went to the merchandise stores and bought a few souvenirs for keepsake.

After that, another uber ride to Museum of Science and Industry. It was a fun place to pass time while waiting for dinner. There's no entrance fee but they do ask for donations. More about this place in the video down below :)

We then had dinner at Iam Pho in Chinatown. The pho was delicious to warm yourself on a cold day and the portion was so generous! Honestly, we should've split a bowl together. After dinner, we took a slight stroll around Chinatown to shop for Manchester souvenirs. 

The next day we were on our way to Liverpool!

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Thank you for reading and watching and wishing everyone a great weekend!


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