2 Days Liverpool Itinerary

Hi, guys!
After Manchester, we took another 2 hours train ride to Liverpool. I must say, I like Liverpool better than Manchester. It feels like a more hip city with more things to see. Maybe because it's the city where The Beatles originated. The weather was colder than Manchester too, with a lot of wind, which my husband love, and I loathe. 


After checking in to our hotel (Mercure), we went to The Italian Club for a pasta and wine fix lunch. It was really good and we love the vibe. Not touristy at all. We were the only Asian there. And I love when that happens. LOL. I feel like we truly being a local that way.

After that we took a short walk to St. Luke's Church. This church is more famous as the Bombed Out Church. The incident happened in 1941 during World War II and it hasn't been renovated up until now. We went on the last days before the site will be closed for renovation. Inside the church is so beautiful and eerie too, I must say. I cannot imagine how people can bomb a church, a place of refugee for lost souls. But anyway, this place wasn't on our itinerary and we just stumbled upon it!

Next stop we took Uber to Albert's Dock and visited The Beatles Store there. Neither of us were a big fan of The Beatles so we only bought a magnet and then walked around Albert's Dock. I then had an ice cream because you know, YOLO. The ice cream was so so but it makes a great photo prop, am I right? There's really isn't that much to do here so to hide from the rain, we went to Merseyside Maritime Museum. 

I do enjoy the museum very much although none of us was a passionate sailor. The museum focus on World War I and World War II as well as other local battles. Did you know that Titanic's company is from Liverpool? Also, 90 members of its crew were from Merseyside, Liverpool. It was kinda depressing to be honest visiting here. I read all this testimonies from officers and sailors who serves at war. How food were scarce and their submarine wasn't sanitary at all. 

But anyway, after the museum, we walked to Liverpool One Mall for dinner at Wagamama (this bulgogi fried noodles was SO GOOD) and some sightseeing afterwards. And of course, I visited Primark for some light shopping.


Bright and not too early, I must say, we went to Liverpool Cathedral. We went there on a Sunday so there was a Sunday service hence we couldn't get in to see its beautiful interiors. However, we then decided to roam around St. James Park or also known as St. James Cemetery. The park were almost empty except for a few people walking their dogs. This place is another site that we didn't include in our itinerary.

It was a really cold windy day and I was wearing two layers of heat tech under my blouse. To warm up, we walked to Costa for some hot chai latte and brownies. After that, off we go to Pier Head (via Uber once again).

The Beatles bronze statue in Pier Head was the main reason we went there. We took obligatory tourist photo and then visited the Bealtles Story store right across the statue. We didn't get anything and continue on walking around Pier Head. Mr. Sun decided to come out so the chill wasn't as piercing as the morning. Oh, we had a full lunch of fish and chips at George's Great British Kitchen Liverpool before heading to Pier Head.

We soon get bored and decided to just roamed around Liverpool One once again. We walked there since it's just across the street. In case you didn't know, Liverpool One is like a big street with lines and lines of stores on your left and right. We watched a few street performances and then walked in and out of shops. Dinner time, we went to Yee Rah Wok & Grill, also at Liverpool One. 

After dinner, we made our way back to Pier Head to watch fireworks to commemorate Bon Fire Night. Long story short, on Nov 5th some guy were tried to blow up the British Parliaments back in 1600 but the gunpowder he used fail and didn't blow. Since then, people have been having bonfires and fireworks to commemorate it. I however, really enjoy the fireworks show. I LOVE fireworks and don't mind hurting my neck to watch every second.

The next day we were on our way to Edinburgh.


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