John Rylands Library Manchester

Hi, guys!
I am going to continue my travel posts this week and hopefully will finish all of them at the end of January or early February. After London, next stop was Manchester and if you follow me on instagram, you might already know that the highlight of this gloomy city was John Rylands Library. I'm a confessed book worm so to see such grand library makes my nerdy heart beams.

John Rylands Library was founded in 1889 by Enriquetta Rylands in memoriam of her late husband, John Rylands. The library opened in 1900 and remained to be a functioning library for students and visitors. There's no entrance fee but a donation is greatly appreciated. My husband and I each donated 5 pounds, in case you need an exact amount.

Okay so we didn't do that much reading. We went there around 4 and the library closes at 5 so we just roamed around and soak in the magnificent gothic interior. It was eerie since there isn't that many people around. I didn't even dare to go to the restroom. LOL. The whole thing kinda remind me of Hogwarts tho. Especially their staircases.

The reading room is less spooky since it's well lit and there were actually a few students with their laptops. I'm wearing a hat because the library put it there for a photo prop. I'm extra like that. If you do ever visit Manchester, do pay this library a visit. You won't regret it.

Wishing everyone a great midweek!


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