Picturesque Edinburgh : Dean Village & Circus Lane

Hi, guys!
Honestly, Edinburgh charmed its way right into my heart and I was going to post this on a two separate articles but decided not too considering if I do that, we might never finish with my UK Trip blog. So here is in one post of the two most beautiful picturesque postcard worthy places in Edinburgh. 

Dean's Village

First up is Dean Village. We honestly didn't explore the area since our sole reason was photo taking. We're vain like that. LOL. We had no rain that day which is good since we can walk around to our heart content. We took an uber from our lunch spot and the uber driver actually said he's confused why so many tourists want to visit Dean Village since there's not much to see except for people's houses and it's not even that beautiful. Well to me, this place looks straight out of a fairy tale. 

I mean, take a look at that view. . . For someone who grew in a city, this kinda of view is mesmerising and it captivates my vintage granny heart. I wouldn't mind spend a time drinking my hot chai latte here while watching the Water of Leith flowing by. This exact spot called Dean Bridge. I'll just let the pictures speak for itself.

Circus Lane

After Dean Village we took another uber ride to Circus Lane which is actually just a street with private properties but I love that it was so quiet and empty making photo taking very convenient! I'm shallow, I know. It has the most quaint houses with adorable garden doors everywhere. Again, I have never seen row of houses like this except on TV so to see it in real life was actually a pretty fun experience.

We crossed path with two old men walking their dog and both of them were all smiles so I guess it's okay to take pics here as long as you're being quiet and not disruptive. We walked the curved cobblestone path and ended up greeted by this clock tower which you can see peeking through from above pic which is St. Stephen Church. This church was built in 1827 and to this day has the longest clock pendulum in all Europe. It doesn't perform as church anymore, more as a multi purpose building for festivals and music concerts.


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