Stay Focused and Extra Sparkly

Hi, guys!
If you know me in real life, I never leave the house without : (1) My phone, wallet, & keys (2) My watch (3) A touch of sparkle. Either it be an earring or a necklace, and of course, my wedding ring. I always love jewellery, fake or real, I love them all. I own a ton of zircon based jewellery and I wore those the most since it feels a lot safer not to leave the house worthing over a thousand dollar.

I actually started an online jewellery stores where I sell affordable necklaces, earrings, and bracelets around 3 years ago. It only lasted for 2 years because I couldn't find a decent wholesale jewellery seller. It was just so difficult getting good stuff with a cheap price. The last one year, I actually sell with really really low profit margin and then I decided the money just wasn't worth all this effort. I mean, you need to buy the item, make sure all of them are in good complete condition, and then you need to photograph them, and then you need to market them. Not to mention all those wrapping and  running back and for to the shipping company. It was just taking so much of my time but not enough money.

I truly wish I have found Easewholesale sooner. If you're thinking about selling jewellery at affordable prices, do not hesitate to visit their website. They sell wholesale necklaces and pendants, fashion necklaces from China with such a cheap price. Although I can't say the quality of their product, since I haven't bought anything from them, based on the pictures, they look decent enough to be worn by me. And I have a pretty high standard. I would tho steer away from anything with too many zircons which could borderline tacky. Here are a few that I like.

My favourite is number 2 since the design is not something I usually see. But I would wear all three in a heartbeat. Here are direct links to all three Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3
I would like to thank you for being patient with me throughout this sponsored posts season. I have one more sponsored post left for this month and the rest of the posts are not sponsored :)

Wishing all of you lovely kind people a happy weekend!


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