The Magical Date and My First Vlog

I feel obligated to post on this magical date!! 10 October 2010. 10-10-10. I have to be quick tho. I only have 10 minutes left! Oh, I don't think I can make it!

Five things you need to know before watching this video :
1. The song is How Come by Brown Eyed Girls. You can watch the original version here .
2. I'm coordinately challenged. So do excuse my awkward movements
3. This is just for fun
4. Do let me know if you don't want to see this . . . ummmm . . . 'form' of self-expression. For example : omigosh, your movements are dizzying (quite literally). You should just stick to stoic pictures, honey!
5. Again, this is JUST FOR FUN

I promise I'd come back on Tuesday/Wednesday with a real post.

Oh, and I just watched Wall Street : Money Never Sleeps. Click here for a review. No spoiler, I promise!

Yup, just passed this magical date. How sad! This video uploading thingy is quite a test of patience.

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