City Walkers Part 1 : Outsiders

A little stressed out about my thesis (I hope you are not bored with that sentence). Our new thesis supervisor is what we have been expecting. Unfortunately, he does not like my topic. And I'm on the brink of extinction. If I have to change my topic, I won't have enough time, and.. well.. let's just say I'd DIE. I need your prayers, my sweet fellow bloggers!

But who cares about that, right?
Last week me, my sister, and a friend took a little trip to Jakarta Old Town. It was a two hours drive and the traffic was terrible! I felt really bad for my friend who was driving. But the trip was absolutely worth every damn minute we spent in the traffic. We had tons of fun there. Just being a complete tourist.

Jakarta Old Town is a little piece of past left in the middle of a metropolitan city.
There were museums as well. Indoors pictures are coming up! (next week of course. I haven't find the urge to blog lately. I have to force my lazy ass to sit and arrange words. Will always reply comments tho cause your comments are keeping my spirits up *winkwink*)!

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