Baby Collar

I think that's the right term. Some call it Peter Pan collar. I really think baby collar sounds better!
After two and a half months of waiting, this dress finally finished! I love how this dress turns out. It fits me perfectly. I just added a little white belt for a shape. And voila!

My sister, her friend, and I, managed to squeeze in a little time last weekend to do this photoshoot.
I have always wanted to shoot around this ... er... little wall-less house? I'm not sure what it is called. I know it's Indonesian name "saung" but I have no knowledge about how international people call it. Oh well.. Architectural terms has never been my strongest suit (remember the "balcony" and "porch" thing?)

But anyway, there were rumors this place is rather dangerous because there is a crazy person who likes to hang around here from time to time. However, I was really curious! Hence, we braced ourselves (and our chaffeur as a backup force) and prepared to run to our car as soon as there's a strange sighting. Luckily, it was a smooth sailing! No scary lunatic around. Ah.. The things we do for beautiful pictures!

There is an exciting news! Wikifashion created a page for me. Thank you, Wikifashion!
Wikifashion is  project created for and by the fashion community. It was created out of the desire to have a central location where fashion lovers can find and catalogue information (including photos and videos) related to anything fashion. Do check out their web and contribute!
I know it's silly (since they probably create a page for a gazillion people per day) but I think it's so cool that someone that I don't know recognize me and my little blog. It's an amazing and warming feeling!

I have a strange fascination with vintage beetle cars. Perhaps because I was so addicted to Mr. Bean series (he is just too funny!). Everytime I see one parked and nobody's around, I always want to take pictures with it! And there were TWO of them. Jackpot!

It's almost 1 AM. I really really need to finish my chapter 3 and go to bed. Oh, I have to wrap a giveaway gift for my thesis supervisor. Yes. She is leaving is in the middle of the chaos. But she will be replaced. I'm not sure on why she is leaving. She was crying so I don't have the heart to judge (hence, the giveaway gift, I feel bad that she cried! Although it wasn't because of me). I just hope her replacement is a much qualified (and more caring or helpful to his/her students!) supervisor.
Wish me luck, bloggers!

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