Newly 21

Yes, I'm officially 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures as I was too busy accepting "happy birthday", saying "thank you" in return, poured with hugs and kisses, trying to juggle my presents with one hand and shaking hands with another. 
The party was a huge success. I love my big family. Almost all of them came. And it was nice celebrating my birthday with so much love around me.
Although I did blinded with some camera flashes. It was uncles or cousins perhaps. I'd get back to you if I get a hold of their pictures.

I feel an outfit post has long overdue. So here it is. I'm still preoccupied with my thesis. But I managed to get up super early (6 a.m. That's like dawn for me) and took these pictures (yes, I feel super guilty abandoning my blog for so long I force myself to get out of bed)

There were joggers and dog walkers. They stare a little bit. But after 5 months of blogging, I have learned to be oblivious.

And the sun finally high in the sky. 
I have to admit, I enjoyed the photo session very much. It's usually really hot around here (even when it is fall) except when it's raining. But in the morning, the weather was so clean (it was raining really hard last night) and fresh and surprisingly chilly!

I have always wanted to take pictures among these tall grasses. But they strangely hard to find and appearantly seasonal. I guess. Cause when I left for a week in my hometown, the grass wasn't around. And then when I came back to my campus area, they're everywhere. Hence, the smiling picture is not just for a pose! I really was excited.

My favorite nail colors of all time. Red. And of course, my classic jeans jacket.

I wore this simple grey dress to a class one day. And a friend of mine suddenly asked me a question as soon as I sat in front of her. "hey, aren't you tired carrying a circus?"
I was like "huh?"
"You're carrying girraffees and elephants on your dress. How's that not tiring?"
It was rather funny I guess. I can't remember I laughed or not cause I was mesmerized by that fact.
I'm a strong woman indeed!

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