I Have Good News and Bad News

First of all, I apologize for not posting for almost a week! Geez. I miss you, blogsphere!
I'm a little stressed out right now. But I'll ramble all about it later.
I should share the good news first!
That's what you would want right?
I don't know. If it were me, I would have the good news first. Cause.. well.. I'm a rather negative-thinking person. So it's incredibily difficult for me to be happy after I hear a bad news. Therefore, why not enjoy the good news as long as you possibily can, right?

 My birthday is coming up!
I'll be 21 on September 10. How very exciting! Now I can read my cosmopolitan without remorse. And perhaps I should tune down a little the whole Disney and anime thingy. Oh that would be dreadful! I suppose I can keep that up with some 'cartoon is for everyone, that's why it is rated General' alibi.

Anyway, I'll be celebrating my legal age in Subang, my childhood hometown (I grew up there until I was 9), the same day with Idul Fitri, and the same day with my dad's waterpark soft opening. Busy day indeed!

But it saves cost. 
I'll be celebrating with my big family on that day and I'm kinda excited (mostly because I will get to see and play with my cute little cousins. Yeaayyy!) . I guess. I don't know. It doesn't feel like my party since it's also my dad's party. However, I shall do my best to give you pictures (unlikely, because it will be a pool party at night so I assumed I can only give some blurred images, but, fingers crossed!)

Here's what I'll be wearing 
I guess.
Cause I'm still not sure. 
Is it really wise to wear a maxi dress when you'll be running around with your cute little cousins?

Now let's get to business.
Here is the bad news. . . 

I'll be posting less and less since I have to do my thesis. And my thesis counselor is not the most helpful of all. In fact, she's leaving all eight of us (her thesis students) up until September 20 and she expects us to just do whatever we can and give her some results on our next meeting by September 20.
It is highly stressful for me to go straight to chapter 4 (that's what she told me to do in her absence) since I'm not very strong with the theory and extremely blind on how to calculate EVA (that's my topic, but let's not steer too deep into that). And I basically just spent a good 4 hours just to do one component of EVA. There are tons of components! (okay, it's about 20, but still!)
Hence here I am, blogging with you all. September 20 is a long way, right? I have plenty of time to do that. Well, if I ever know how to get all the data. But I'm sure God will send his best angels to help me! (pathetically trying to console myself)

Hmm.. It is very interesting how now I start to going back to dark colored outfits. I guess being stressful automatically makes my eyes more attracted to gloomy colors. I should put in mind to wear more bright beautiful prints!

This is probably the loveliest top that have ever attended my closet. I love this top to death.

Wish me luck, bloggers. I need to be sane at least until I graduate, right?

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