I Want My Fireworks! (Lots of Not-Me Pictures)

Every year, my uni has this festival at the beginning of the semester (around second week of August. This year, it started from August 12). They call it, duh, UPH Festival of course. It's some sort of a welcoming party for the new batch.

It has all kind of stands with alluring street food and beverages with cheaper price than our food court (yes, we are that cool, we have our own food court). It also has plentiful, more-than-we-need but informative seminars (I fell asleep numerous times when I was participating on my UPH Festival) and also concert nights (this year, we had some pretty prestige artists, Mike and Pasto and others, I can't remember) and it's highly anticipated because we would have this huge giant fireworks on closing day (it usually lasts for 3-4 days, mine was a week!) although this year was a little different. Instead of fireworks, we had a digital video mapping.
You can watch it here (thank you, profohms, whoever you are!)

I must say, I was rather dissapointed! I mean, DVM was really cool (you should see it live) but I much prefer fireworks! Last year was AMAZING. I wish I have pictures, but unfortunately, I only had my camera phone. So this should suffice.
UPH Festival 2009 Fireworks
(thank you s73v3n91 !)
I want my fireworks! (picture an annoying whiny little girl)

Despite my disappointment, I went to the festival anyway. Here are some pictures from the festival.

I'm not sure if this is outfit-post worthy but . . . I'll try my best to make it worthy of your time.
I dressed for practicality. It was hot and it was raining (how is that even possible you ask me? I have NO CLUE) so I just put my tee and my jeans. And voila. Very boring, I know, but let me lured you away to my printed tee. Isn't the prints amazing? It's so abstract and I guess it's also ethnic-y.

 There were some creepy guys hanging around in the festival.
I have an innate fear (yet fascinated at the same time) with pantomime. They are just beyond queer for me. And how they stare at nothing sincerely nagging my patience.

Okonomiyaki (from Japan!) then Es Doger (traditional Indonesian dessert) for lunch.

I'm currently inside a whale with Jonah making my meals out of krill, plankton, and small fish.
I'll let you know when the whale decided to kick me out.
Since having two adults inside your stomach is never a good thing.
Until then!

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