The Prints Trilogy : Sister Complex

Last, but surely not the least, post from the trilogy. In fact, I saved the best for last!
Do you miss my big sister? Here she is. She's gotten thinner, do you notice that? Go sister go! (I admit it, I'm jealous that she's getting slimmer and I'm gaining weight. Damn chocolates!)

 I wore yet another Forever21 dress with a secondhand blazer. Can you tell the pattern is peacock feathers?
And does it weird I cut my head from the pic? My facial expression in this pic is not presentable for public consumption.

My sister and her friend. 
This few shots were us playing test shots actually, since we were waiting for 3 more friends (2 of them are our photographers). They eventually came and then the heat (it was so hot! We practically bathe in our own sweats) and my lazziness got the best of me. I left my heavy camera in the car resulting very limited pictures to post (we originally took thousand shots. They are all gorgeous. Perhaps some time in the future I post some of them, as for now I don't have any of the pictures cause it's on the other two photographers camera and we haven't meet again since then)
The photoshoot was fun. Although I do suffer from a lot of red spots all over my feet because of the itchy plants on the field (we didn't complain tho! such a professional model of us!)

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