Lady Fabulous

I wore this on Saturday for a family lunch and I'm obsessed with this red dress.
It used to be a long dress and I look drowned in it. I got it from online store. It's secondhand of course and it's ridiculously cheap (only Rp 50rb or about US $5). I took it to the tailor and get it shortened. Voila!

It has the prettiest detail ever on the waistline.

The model is so vintage I couldn't help but feel like a little lady (okay, maybe not so little) ready for a tea party at some fancy garden in the middle of nowhere. This dress is officially Lady Fabulous (yes I do love Kurt Hummel from Glee)

I wore it my favorite black cardigan. My sister always told me I look like a sick senile person when wearing this cardigan (pause for laugh). It's bad enough to look like a senile, but it's a SICK old people. Oh I love my sis. But I couldn't care less. It's so comfy. It has light material and it matches with basically every single piece I have in my closet.

Don't worry, I didn't fall. I was actually doing a pose! How crazy my pose is? It's quite crazy but at the same time it's awesome (admit it, it kinda is).


  1. That's a very pretty dress <3 and I really love the price too. Lol


  2. cute dress
    love ur shoes darling

  3. cute dress hun!
    love the red

  4. love the mod dress!

  5. Ooo, pretty! You look great...

  6. I love this! Even with the cost of having pieces altered, thrift clothes are a steal. This dress was a fab find.

  7. ha ha yes, that is quite a fabulous pose. Not gonna lie.

    That's so cool that you got it altered. It looks really nice. And I like your black cardigan.
    no senile sick old people in sight.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  8. thx for ur sweet comment :)

    red is always look fab!
    pretty on you ,,

    thx for the wishes ,
    check my newest post,

  9. That's an adorable dress!^^ Niceee!



  10. red always be my favorite color. and u look grat in red! please not to worry about your cardigan, u look lovely :)
    oh.. nice pose on the last picture, like u said, it's awesome ^^

  11. $5? quit cheap lah.hehe.
    oh.the red dress totally gorgeous on u!
    and i thought u fall on the last photo.hehe:)

    btw,i have an award give to u on my blog.please take it.hehe:)



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