Flower on Flower, Blooming or Just Too Much?

An overexposure picture (I did mention I'm not a master photographer) I had to make it in black and white, but somehow it works (I THINK so)! 

On Saturday (I know, it's such an old pictures) I went to my sister friend graduation (my sister has friends and their graduating, get it?) and determined to be such a professional photographer who refused to be taken pic of themselves by other. I failed, of course. But that's because all of them insist I joined them in the picture. I refused but they practically dragged me I almost lost my balance and had a minor heart attack cause I was afraid I dropped my camera.

I was trying to channel Blair's flower on flower ensemble. Does it work? I can't tell cause I'm very subjective about my own clothes. Sometimes I'd say it's gorgeous and unique others said it's weird and crazy.

Fine, I confessed, I didn't wear that wedges. What kind of photographer wear heels to work, right? I might miss tons of precious moments by stumbling off because of this wedges. I took this picture after the ceremony, so I thought I dressed it up a bit.

A little hairology for you..

I've been procrastinating replying comments lately. I'm still preoccupied with my TOEFL account (darn middle name) and everytime I use the internet, I immediately check my account and when I saw it's still missing my middle name, I stressed out, and I don't want to accidentally take it out on your lovely blogs!
Oh, TOEFL, give me some light here. 

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