The Flower of My Eyes

Inception was mind-blowing! Literally, I was like 'wow' at the end of the movie, and left with an inexplicable feeling. Sort of a pensive feeling. I never think much about dreams. To me, they just that. Dream. An illusory mental image, built by your subconscious, as an escape from your real world. Nothing more.
And for Christopher Nolan (the writer) to explore such idea is very brilliant of him!

After watching the movie, we felt a little hungry. With all those heavy conversation on the movie that drained my poor brain out, we went for an afternoon snack.

California Dream drink. It's somehow perfect. It's colorful, cool, and relaxing.
Look how cute my flowery sunny is! I got it as a bonus from a magazine. I think I'm going to buy another magazine, just so I can get the sunglasses!


Wore my tailored pants and green pastel top. Do not be confounded with the sun rays. It was actually pretty chilly and windy. Good call on wearing pants! At last, I wore outfit proper with the weather.

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