The Flower of My Eyes

Inception was mind-blowing! Literally, I was like 'wow' at the end of the movie, and left with an inexplicable feeling. Sort of a pensive feeling. I never think much about dreams. To me, they just that. Dream. An illusory mental image, built by your subconscious, as an escape from your real world. Nothing more.
And for Christopher Nolan (the writer) to explore such idea is very brilliant of him!

After watching the movie, we felt a little hungry. With all those heavy conversation on the movie that drained my poor brain out, we went for an afternoon snack.

California Dream drink. It's somehow perfect. It's colorful, cool, and relaxing.
Look how cute my flowery sunny is! I got it as a bonus from a magazine. I think I'm going to buy another magazine, just so I can get the sunglasses!


Wore my tailored pants and green pastel top. Do not be confounded with the sun rays. It was actually pretty chilly and windy. Good call on wearing pants! At last, I wore outfit proper with the weather.


  1. loving your bag color <3


  2. ur drink seems slurpy:)

  3. Beautiful outfit and I love your Sunglasses!

  4. I'm always happy when I manage to wear weather appropriate clothing that is also chic.

    nice bag!

    Dress Rehearsal

  5. your floral sunnies are so cute, I don't think I'd pull them off though

  6. omg that drink is so gorgeous! inception was a spectacular movie as well :) i love the color of your bag!

  7. i like ur bag..
    check my new post plis..thx

  8. sooo summer, i love sunshine !


  9. Cute sunglasses! I like how breezy your shirt is :)

  10. thanks for your comment!
    Cute photos!

  11. i haven't watch the movie, u makes me want to watch it right now..

    Lovely bag u have there!

  12. hey thanks for your comment.
    mind to exchange link and follow each other? :)

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  14. Hello there, thank you for the sweet comment on my blog ^^. I love your pictures. So pretty ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  15. homaigod.i want to try that rainbow drink! :)
    nice outfit and the color of ur bag super it.

  16. wow ,
    love the rainbow drink :P
    cool bag's colour !

    check my new post,

  17. loving your sweet little green bag, dear. and i have the same glasses as yours :p :p
    oh, and i must agree with you, inception was mind-blowing. it's pretty awesome :)

  18. i love that mint green bag, great outfit!

  19. Great post, I know you'll love it. xoxo

  20. I have yet to see inception! everyone`s telling me that its a must-see though :) hehe cute outfit.

  21. Hello Stevia! I'm sorry it took me SO very long to visit your blog. Your outfit here is VERYY cute! Plus I have the EXACT same sunnies from Gogirl! :)I'm loving the color of the bag! Been craving a sea foam green, mint ice cream green, articles of clothing lately and your bag--not to mention your top--is driving me at edge to claw at my laptop screen! :)
    And also thank you very much for your fantastic comments on my blog for Radio-Hearts! :) I'm extremely flattered and more than elated reading it. But at your request, I can help but feel humbled at such an honor. I don't think they're good enough, really, to be featured by such a fantastic girl--and blogger--as yourself. :)
    I hope we can be the best of friends! :) Consider yourself linked!
    xo, Intan

  22. Is it the sunglasses from Gogirl? Im loving the sparks of colors on it! Anw your snacks make me starving xD XO,BarbieJunk

  23. Love your blog Stevia!=) Followed you:) Love your oufit too. Looks comfy but still chic:)

    Love, Pax

    P.S. My big blog giveaway has started. It's open to international readers. Hope you could join!=)


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