PolkaPink Q&A

So that few days out of town was a much needed break for me. 
If you're curious what I was up to the last few days, you can check out the story here.

As promised, I'm going to answer Sally Annie questions. I'm under the delusion that she really wants me to answer it. And because she loves pink and spots so much, it would only be logical to wear outfit with such themes.

1. What's the best lame joke you've ever heard?
It's lame so I'm not sure if it's best.
There was a bunch of Japanese businessmen and a young American businessman in a bar. They were just finishing an important contract and were celebrating by drinking sake as much as their stomach can handle.
Japanese 1 : Kanpai! (cheers in Japanese)
American   : Cheers! (lifting his cup and drank)
Japanese 2 : Kanpai! (lifting his cup and everybody follows)
American   : Yeah! (drank his sake)
Japanese 3 : Again! Kanpai! 
American   : (drank his sake again) You know, if you guys can't pay for this, it's on me. I'll pay it. No 
Get it? The American thought that Kanpai = can't pay.
I know. It's lame.

2. Which Power Ranger are you and why?
I forgot the Power Ranger story and not sure how many rangers are now. So my answer is Zordon. I prefer to be the one who is bossing people around. LOL. And my coordinately challenged reflex would be a major obstacle to be a ranger.

3. What kind of muffin would make the best weapon? 
Blueberry muffin. It happens to be my favorite muffin. And I would be completely distracted from my plan to rule the world if I was being thrown at with blueberry muffin.

4. If you were swimming a tub filled with soda, would you drink any?   Hell yea.       
     5. If you could be any vegetable, which would you be and why?   Spinach. Cause of Popeye the Sailorman. He needs this particular green to keep saving helpless Olive. And I want to be that someone who can give strength to others.          I'm loving my porch more and more. You'll be seeing a lot of it until I get sick of it.
Do let me know if you want a change of scenery! 
Those bean bag has been with me since I was in junior school. The color has faded but I don't have the heart to get rid of it. And it's pink!
Oh, reality starts to catching up. My TOEFL name still not correct. I need to terrorize the TOEFL people relentlessly. Cause my sis already got the score. She passed! Yeay! Though I can't be genuinely happy (I know, I'm selfish) cause I can't see my score due to that stupid middle name problem. Heaven.

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