I'm The Generation Who Loves Sparkly Vampires, Yes I Am

Added a read more link to my posts. 
I hope it makes reading my blog not so torturing for you *winkink*

I haven't watch Eclipse. But I want to watch it oh-so-very-bad. Tried to watch it yesterday, but couldn't get the ticket, ended up watched Knight and Day.

A friend of mine made this t-shirt for me. It says fanpire. Fan of Vampire, I suppose? Anyway, I think it's a cool t-shirt. It captures the Twilight essence with the red apple.

I wore this skirt to my very first nightlife clubbing experience. Oh the joy of being reckless and let your body do the talking. Not that I miss it. Clubbing has its own consequences. Such as hungover and not be able to function the next day. I love sleeping too much.

My post title sounds like I'm team Edward while I'm actually team Bella. I know. I used to be team Jacob. But then I got tired of the bare chest (though I have to admit he has a very very good chest) and decided to join Team Bella. She got to hang out with vampires and werewolves. What more a girl could ask, right?

Anyway, the title is just a way to show my love to the Twilight series. And not just Edward in particular.

Have you guys watch Eclipse?


  1. I've watched Eclipse and I kinda liked it ;) That's such a cute shirt ! Lovely look !

  2. ah sorry, i've linked you back now :)
    i've watched eclipse and the movie was pretty awesome! love your shirt btw <3

  3. fabulous t shirt! twilight seems to be all the rage these days. you look pretty in your ensemble dear :)

    Parade of Dresses

  4. i've never seen or read anything related to twilight :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  5. haha that shirt is so silly, i love it! :)

  6. that skirt really cute...I like twilight saga, but only on the novel, not movie! hehe


  7. Your outfit is so cute ! And I love the title :))

  8. love ur skirt <3
    lovely ! :D

    check my new post,

  9. haven't :( i'm really curious about the movie. hey, we got the same story! the eclipse's ticket were sold out and me and my sister ended up watching Knight and Day, LOL.
    cute tee you got there! i love the 'fanpire' writing ;)

    Castor Pollux

  10. Nice outfit :) I love your hair !! :D

    Visit my blog <3

  11. Hahaha, I don't even know how to comment! I'm not a Twilight fan. At all. (NO OFFENSE NO OFFENSE)

    But on a postive-er note, you rock that shirt!

    Thanks so much for stopping by! QUIRKYEXPLOSION.blogspot.com

  12. thats a lovely skirt and the tee is so cute


  13. I'm not interested to Twilight Saga since the 1st movie! hehehe ;p
    btw, you look cute in that skirt and the t-shirt is very cool! love love!

    have a nice day! ^_^

  14. long time not do blogwalking to you. aku bahkan blm ntn apa2.haha, btw azzura itu dimana ya? tempatnya enak tuh keliatannya

  15. I've read all of the books and for me the best one is always the first one. yes TWILIGHT! and do you know what? THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer is just more good and cool than Twilight Saga that her made too. I just can't wait for THE HOST :)

  16. Lovely shirt!
    I saw Eclipse few days ago, loved it. It's been my fave out of the books too :) x

  17. i´ve been wnting to watch Eclipse too! tickets has been sold out all through this week.. so i´m hoping for a chance this coming week hehe :)
    cool T-shrt :D and btw, i tagged u with a blog award ^^


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