I'm The Generation Who Loves Sparkly Vampires, Yes I Am

Added a read more link to my posts. 
I hope it makes reading my blog not so torturing for you *winkink*

I haven't watch Eclipse. But I want to watch it oh-so-very-bad. Tried to watch it yesterday, but couldn't get the ticket, ended up watched Knight and Day.

A friend of mine made this t-shirt for me. It says fanpire. Fan of Vampire, I suppose? Anyway, I think it's a cool t-shirt. It captures the Twilight essence with the red apple.

I wore this skirt to my very first nightlife clubbing experience. Oh the joy of being reckless and let your body do the talking. Not that I miss it. Clubbing has its own consequences. Such as hungover and not be able to function the next day. I love sleeping too much.

My post title sounds like I'm team Edward while I'm actually team Bella. I know. I used to be team Jacob. But then I got tired of the bare chest (though I have to admit he has a very very good chest) and decided to join Team Bella. She got to hang out with vampires and werewolves. What more a girl could ask, right?

Anyway, the title is just a way to show my love to the Twilight series. And not just Edward in particular.

Have you guys watch Eclipse?

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