My Mom Tells Me What to Wear and What Not to Wear

I know. I'm 20 years almost 21 years old university student yet my mom still has a tell about what I can and can't wear.

So I was going downstairs for a day out with this shirt and my mom was like 'I can see your bra'
Me : 'Really?' (pretending to be oblivious)
Mom : 'You should wear a tanktop or something'
Me : 'I think all of my tanktop is all dirty'
Mom : 'I have clean tanktops.'
Me : '...'
Mom : 'Take it from my room. Come on. We're running late'
And since she's my mother and I'm living under her roof, I'll try to be on her good side all the time. Therefore I reluctantly put the tanktop on.

Oh well. I guess it's not appropriate to show off your bra. 
However, in my defense, my bra was green too. So it doesn't look like a slut or something. 

I got this shirt from my MIA week. It was love at first sight. It was in the perfect color (some sort-of emerald green, I'm terrible with color names), it's sheer, and it has giraffe prints all over it.

It is strangely printed backwards. But then again, when I look down, I see pretty little giraffes. 
How can I resist?
Shall I give you fun facts about giraffe?
Yes of course.
1. Giraffes only sleep deeply for a few minutes at a time. Sitting on the ground, they bend their long necks down until their heads rest on their hind haunches. 
2. The word "giraffe" comes from an Arabic word, "zirafah", which means "the tallest of all". 
3. Giraffes love company, though. Giraffes will live together in groups of a few dozen to forty or more, all standing tall together.

Not a balcony ( I know I've been calling it porch in the past 2 posts, but I learned I should've called it balcony cause it's up in the air. Confusing? Sorry. I'm trying to be educative here by showing off my dedication to the proper use of architectural terms) post today! 
I basically had to hike to get this picture (it was quite an uphill road) and there were cars and motorcycles passed by and I had to stop in the middle of posing and quickly move my tripod out of the way. Nonetheless, it felt kinda good. Sort of like a workout session. 

Just a little harirology. I haven't done any hairology poses in a while.

Found this poladroid application. I'm loving it!

From left to right : me, my sis, Annyz (my sister's friend), Averini (Annyz's little sister)

You can download poladroid here


  1. thanks for checking it out. Great blouse

  2. hai stevia..
    yeahhh eyebag is a very serious problem.. very annoying.. TT
    dan penah denger katanya itu dah ga bisa ilang.. tp at least maunya bisa berkurang..ahahhaha

    i'll gonna share it, if this sisley work on my eyebag problem.. ^^

    and thanks for visiting..

  3. Super cute pictures. Love them all!

  4. yup! what a perfect colour looked so nice to wear it!
    And your stories with your mom so funny then...;p

  5. Haha, my mom's the same way except I leave before she can make me change.

    Just stumbled by your blog &
    I absolutely love it! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  6. lovely outfit :)
    thankyou yah follow sama link nya, udah aku follow & link back <3

  7. cute, love the giraffes top

    visit mine,

  8. hey dear, thanks for the comment! :)
    and i love ur brown belt


  9. nice blouse~
    i would have prefer anything but the white tank top

  10. haha I know things like this! :)
    and your blog is really cute and this outfit is amazing!

  11. Very cute outfit. I love your belt.
    Thanks for following :)
    I'm linking to your blog on my blog.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  12. your top looks so cute, dear ;)

  13. That polaroid is so cute :) I like your sheer blouse!

  14. simple cute outfit :)
    i still ask my mom what i wear and how i look too


  15. your mom is super cute :p and i really love that outfit you wore :)


  16. haha, i remember my own mom. she also has a "say" on all of my clothing, especially when i was younger. i love your shirt btw, looks so pretty!

  17. my mum loves giving comments on what i wear too :D preety pretty blouse you have there!

    p/s, i have linked you!

  18. haha
    if i were you
    i will tell my mother
    this is the new trend ma!!:p

    check out my giveaway pls.thx

  19. waduh... mendadak gaptek neh disini.
    i like this aja deh...

  20. you are so lovely ^^ love the outfit.
    sweet blog! thanks for your comment! I'll be back for sure.

    xxx kissmequick

  21. cute cute ;)
    love the patterns .stev btw, yuk sm sm dibndung jalan brg.and now i'm follow your blog dear

  22. haha my mom did the same too. luckily now i'm in bandung and my parents are in jkt. btw i just followed you :)

    xoxo, Icha

  23. don't be too upset with your mom, my dad sometimes does that too. I think as long as what they suggest won't make me look less stylish then it's okay, but sometimes I do ignore what they say :p

  24. hahaha kak, we have the same type of mom. but we're lucky to have mom like that. some of my friends getting jealousy on me kak!
    and nice blues. you always look pretty.

  25. Well,yeah,I agree with this post with about 50 %. I mean,if you feel confident in a see-trough shirt, go ahead, wear it even tough your mother doesn`t agree.But sometimes,it`s fine to ak for her advice:)

  26. You are as cute as a button.

    Gosh, used to fight my Mom about what to wear!

  27. You look adorable! I love your top :)

  28. Lovely outfit. That belt is fabulous! Thanks for stopping by our blog. xo style, she wrote

  29. hei how are you...sorry but i'm in holiday!!


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