Happy Bday, America!

Happy Independence Day, anyone who celebrates it!
I thought I'd do a little blue, red, and white ensemble in honor of American flag. I guess the blue should be navy blue but I was excited to show off my new denim dress. Yep, I finally cave in and bought one.

I found an unpredictable spot to shoot. It was right in front of my eyes. My bedroom porch. Why have I not think about that? 
It's not exactly spacious, but it's private and that's why I love it.

Do you like my belt? It's vintage. It was my mom's. I wear it so many times my mom finally gave it to me. Thanks, mom! That reminds me. I should do another clothes raiding to her four two-door closets.

And do ignore the flip-flops. I have no excuse besides the fact I had to climb through my bedroom window to get to this porch. Will think of it more thorough next time.

I'll be out of town for the next few days. 
Do be patient with the comments. 
See ya!

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