American Honey

Apologies for being such a lousy blogger in the past week.I am well aware that I haven't reply any comments (boo me!) and I am extremely sorry for that. 
I wish I had a grand or a heartbreaking excuse, but unfortunately, the only one I can blame is myself. My modem and my laptop are not the greatest couple. They seem to have their own arguments, resulting me can't access the internet. I was too busy to take them to couple's shrink. Just got a chance to do it earlier today. Finally they make their peace. For now. (you do realize I'm talking in a metaphor, right? The shrink is obviously a computer mechanic. I'm trying to make my lame story slightly interesting. Succeed? No?)

Anyway, to make it up to you, I add more pictures (more like a punishment? Sorry!) to this post.
Took the photos on Wednesday. Therefore got a chance to edit it!
So here we go.
Oh, and for the record, all quotes on my photos belong to American Honey song by Lady Antabellum. The song just popped in my head when I was editing the pictures. 

I just can't get enough of this song. I never got a chance to watch the video clip. I assumed it involves a meadow or a grassland or something like country atmosphere.

When I was doing this photoshoot, I actually had an audience. Two little girls and two little boys. The boys quickly lost their interest after 5 minutes while the girls stayed behind the camera and watched. I was getting really self-conscious at the first 10 minutes. But the two girls were just standing there and smiles. A lot (kinda creepy but they did no harm, right?). Hence I ignored them and just had fun!

I will dedicate tomorrow to reply ALL COMMENTS. 

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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