Flower on Flower, Blooming or Just Too Much?

An overexposure picture (I did mention I'm not a master photographer) I had to make it in black and white, but somehow it works (I THINK so)! 

On Saturday (I know, it's such an old pictures) I went to my sister friend graduation (my sister has friends and their graduating, get it?) and determined to be such a professional photographer who refused to be taken pic of themselves by other. I failed, of course. But that's because all of them insist I joined them in the picture. I refused but they practically dragged me I almost lost my balance and had a minor heart attack cause I was afraid I dropped my camera.

I was trying to channel Blair's flower on flower ensemble. Does it work? I can't tell cause I'm very subjective about my own clothes. Sometimes I'd say it's gorgeous and unique others said it's weird and crazy.

Fine, I confessed, I didn't wear that wedges. What kind of photographer wear heels to work, right? I might miss tons of precious moments by stumbling off because of this wedges. I took this picture after the ceremony, so I thought I dressed it up a bit.

A little hairology for you..

I've been procrastinating replying comments lately. I'm still preoccupied with my TOEFL account (darn middle name) and everytime I use the internet, I immediately check my account and when I saw it's still missing my middle name, I stressed out, and I don't want to accidentally take it out on your lovely blogs!
Oh, TOEFL, give me some light here. 


  1. I think that the two flower patterns work but in a kind of busy way. Fashion risks are usually worth it though,

    I think the blue cardigan pulls your outfit together.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. AW GURL YOU ARE SUCH A PHOTOGRAPHER. It definitely looks good in Black in White - something about B&W photos are sooo chic. And it reminds me of your background (on the blog!). Haha. Yeah. Anyways.

    You look SO cute. I love the flower on flower majiger you've got there. This is really dorky, but I've just gotta say AW YEAH FLOWER POWER.

    Congrats to your sister's friends graduating! Haha..


  3. ~I thought the outfit is really cute ^^. You're very photogenic ^^.
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  4. soo flowery:p
    but i like it.you looked lovely

    do u want to exchange link??


  5. Gorgeous pictures and very cute :)

  6. Oooh risky! But it works for you! I like it.

  7. Your outfit is lovely!! Love the floral patterns, they do work together. :)


  8. you look lovely and gorgeous, i love the mixture of the floral patterns <3


  9. It does work! Love the outfit, and the heels too!

  10. the outfit look so well mixing together!
    great job dear :)
    and u been photographer? wow.super awesome lah.

    wish u have a great weekend!


  11. I like the combination of two different flower patterns!
    and the photos are really adorable!

  12. you look so pretty and love the floral print x

  13. Awww, you are so cute :) Great mixing of floral prints!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Congratulations to those who graduated! You look very cute (:


  15. double the floral double the awesome!!! cute photos :-)

  16. you look very pretty in your outfit! and i think the flower on flower combination works well because the prints are both small. lovely pictures btw

  17. congrats for your sister's friend who's graduating!
    and, good luck with your TOEFL test! your flower-and-flower outfit rocks ;)

    Castor Pollux

  18. really love your outfit
    and congratulations to your sister!


  19. it's cute! I like your shoes, as well. The first photo looks lovely in black and white :D

  20. Wonderful pictures, love your outfit!

  21. love your top and skirt! so cuteeee <3


  22. I think they complement each other, and make a really sweet look dear ;) XO,BarbieJunk

  23. it works, actually. but a black cardigan would look better with those shoes and the prints.
    that happens a lot to me too. wear something i like and they all say i look 'norak'. hahaha
    i'm staying on the safe side too often though.

  24. your clothes are not crazy O.O they are beautiful and creative! ^_^


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