Under Medication

I was sick since last Wednesday. Like can't-get-out-of-bed sick. My mom had to come all the way from Bandung just to take care of me. I went to the doctor after 2 days of fever and now I'm currently under 5 different medication and pills (and one eardrops, I have an ear, nose, and throat problem) which I have to take every 8 hours. I believe the pills have some sedative effect cause I dooze off every now and then. And it's extremely difficult to stay up.

 (taken from my 7s mini fuji instax. I should show it off to you sometimes!)

I took the pictures a few weeks ago. I never get around to post them because.. Well.. I forgot. I'm sure I had a good reason not to post it before.. I guess I had better pictures back then.. 

There was this dog that wouldn't stop barking when I had the photo session. It was extremely annoying and not to mention attracting attention! I tried to hush it, but it wouldn't stop, so I just closed my ears and continue.

I'm in love with this headband. Headbands really should make a comeback this fall. It makes your look so sweet and polished somehow.

Here's another one of this headband. I didn't have the close up picture. Perhaps next post. When I'm not so sleepy. And when I don't have Chapter 1 revision waiting for me.

Is there anyone else who haven't linked back? I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. I think I got everybody. And if there's anyone else who is interested in exchanging link, do tell! Let's be virtual friends. It'd be so much fun, you'll see!


  1. i love the bold colour <3


  2. i hope u get well soon dearie :) love the colors on your outfit, so cute how the violet pops out.

  3. get well soon dear :)
    i'm sick now too, but i have to fight that stupid ill haha

    lovely outfit


  4. hope you`ll feel better soon. Your outfits is lovely. I love that top.xx


  5. aww you poor thing, I hope you feel better soon! That's so sweet of your mum to look after you (mum's are the best!). I love your jumper/sweater its gorgeous xx

  6. I have a fuji instax too, I love it.
    Your photobooth pics are great and I love your top, hope the dog wasn't too distracting!

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  7. oh my goodness! i hope you feel better soon!!!

    on another note - i love the sweater in the outfit post!


  8. hey, i hope you're doing okay now.
    so sorry to hear you've been sick..

    in all fairness, the outfit you posted is super cute..love the loose top..:D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  9. i wish u get well soon dear.
    and back to blogging as usual :)

    that a cute outfit.like your top!!!!
    omg.i just laugh when read ur comment on my blog.why dont u cut boyish hairstyle?


  10. I love the color of ur thights, they're so nice looking ;)) wish u get well soon!barbiejunk

  11. thanks for the sweet comment you left me!

    i hope you feel better.

    do you want to follow each other?



  12. oh cutie. you look so sweet. love the pictures and your outfit! Here's my new blog: http://the-dreamwall.blogspot.com/

  13. nice top stevia :) thanks for your comment

  14. oh dear, i'm sorry to hear that. get well real soon.. so you can arrange another great photoshot. :)

    by the way, talking about my new post, my friend was trying to make a joke with the mannequin. that photo always successfully makes me laugh all the time. so i decided to post it. ;)

    Flickering Moonlight


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