I Kissed Summer Goodbye

Adieu, summer. It was fun. The past week has been raining every single day. And not like small little drops of rain but like God was angry and just poured all his bathtub water down to the earth. Hence, I haven't been able to do any more photo shoot. 
My friends dragged me out of my depression hole last weekend and push back my mood chart to delirious level. Thank you, friends. You keep me sane.
We went to Hongkong Cafe and I dressed far beyond my age. I think I'm having a twenties-life crisis. I'm leaving my 20 and now I'm drawn to little kids hair clip. They are just so adorable. And I just took notice when my mom told me to buy some hair clip for my little sister. I ended up buying some for my self. It's extremely confusing how I rarely dress up appropriately with my age.

Of course, it was too dark so I was forced to use flash (these pictures has been heavily brightened with my poor photoshop skill). But I sort of prefer the above picture. 
I don't like using flash. Everything comes out too bold.

And look how pale I look!

I'm going to do a company visit tomorrow morning to ask some questions related to my thesis (nervous!) and then going back to my hometown (excited! I miss my puppy so much!) so I'll be out of touch with you for a little while. But I'll be back soon!
And I wish you guys, Moslems, a very happy (and early) Idoel Fitrie.
I hope I can give you pictures from my birthday pool party!

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