Great Minds Think Alike

That was the only thing that came up to my mind when I saw me and my sister were wearing the exact same clothes. From the Bali top, to the black legging, to the Longchamp bag. Unbelievable. Thought it was rather funny. I felt like I was six years old again. Back in the days, our mom loved to dress us in the same dress with different colors. Or the same overall with different pictures. Hilarious.

top, Bali Island ; legging, unbranded; bag, longchamp; sandals, Charles&Keith


Apologies for the low quality of the pictures. I didn't have the mean to documented my outfit today. (I was a little nervous to see the blood test result) But this happen rather rarely. So I feel obligated to post. 
You see, my sister and I, we're not that much alike. In a fashion department. I only borrowed her clothes about 5x for all my life. So to have a matching outfit like this. It is definitely worth a post.


  1. i love your longchamp bag! such a lovely orange color. :) and you're matching outfits are so cute too

    Parade of Dresses

  2. hei lovely, i wanna answer your question : itu resto ada di daerah ciumbuleiut, and smoothies : ada di dayspot deket kampus aku. di dalem rumah makan cawit. you get it? hehe

  3. Haha, that's awesome and pretty funny! I tend to match with my boyfriend a lot.. color and pattern wise, that is.

  4. that´s a cute outfit ^^
    yeah it´s pretty funny and fun when ur around with someone who kinda thinks a lot like urself hehe.. me and my boyrfriends and my closest friends do that a lot x)


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