The Weather Needs To See A Shrink

In the morning, it was actually toasty and warm. And when I exited the theater, it was raining and windy. I think the weather needs to see a shrink for a serious amount of time. 

What's your summer color? I'm really liking this color. I'm not sure what its name though. I suppose, green pastel?

cross ring, Forever21; other rings, Miss Selfridge

jumpsuit, Bali Island ; peacock necklace, Forever21; bag, Charles&Keith; sandal, Charles&Keith, watch, Singaporean street market

Check out my sis's ring. It's a bunny!


  1. aww you too are so cute:) love thes photos and your accesorised hands! hehe gorgeous pots, following both on google and bloglovin dearie

  2. helloo, itu smoothies di store gitu, ada juga di tmpt mknny. biar lbh jelas baca go girl bulan ini,ada deh masukin smoothies di majalah itu. ayoo ayoo dtg ke 90 gourmet enak lohh :)

  3. cute ring! i like your cake thing, looks yummy! I think my summer colour! I miss summer :(

  4. You guys are adorable! I like your romper a lot-- the color is great.

  5. oh ya btw,gw kuliah di UNPAR.

  6. cincinnya lucu2222222 :D :D
    iyapppp anak uph :D jurusan management 2009. dikauuuu?

  7. those are some lovely rings ^^
    great photos too!

    Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog ^^
    i´m a follower on ur blog now ^^

  8. nice rings..

    wanna exchange link and follow me??thx


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