Little White Dress

Below are pictures of designers sketch for Bella's wedding dress on Breaking Dawn movie.

Can you see Bella in any of these meticulously breath-taking dresses?

My favorites would have to be Lela Rose (the tail can be tune down a little IMHO), Maz Azria, and Erin Fetherston (the puffy sleeve would have to be less puffy for Bella's taste) design. Three of them captures the essence of Bella. Bella has a classic and old-fashioned vibe in her. And she definitely won't do the over the top dresses or sexy low cut back like Prabal's design. Not that the others are not beautiful. 

All of the designers are obviously talented and did a good job. If I were getting married, I would definitely choose Chritian Siriano's design. It's so fairy-tale like. And my dream wedding would be very princess-y and over the top, flowing with flowers and the people I love. What's your dream wedding, lovelies?

I have faith for Lela Rose's design. But again, the production house most probably would choose a more Bella look that is not in these sketches.

I was so inspired with these gorgeous wedding dresses I decided to wear a little white dress. 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Little white dress,
how I love you

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  1. this is gorgeous :) i followed your blog back :)
    Brick and Bones

  2. you are really cute and your blog is lovely :)

  3. cute pictures girl. want to exchange link?

  4. You look adorable in this dress!
    And i would definitely see Bella in Erin Fetherston.
    And I wish to have a fairytale wedding too. :D

  5. You look amazing and the shoes are great! I like Christian Siriano's dress the best and I can totally see Bella in it. Hope it's his! Plus, I LOVE HIM!

  6. Hello! This is the first time that I visit your blog and I see is very nice!!
    Good photos!! yor dress is amazing
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  7. lovely photos & outfit!! the dress is beautiful on you!!

  8. lovely photos
    let's exchange link. i've linked you ya
    don't forget to link me
    thanks ^_^

  9. nice lacey dress!!
    i love lela rose's design too, but i think erin fetherton's design is good enough to be an alternative :)
    thanks for your comment
    check out my latest post


  10. yeeep,i would like to jump to that swimming pooli:)

  11. aawww i adore your outfit! :D you look so sweet and dainty! :D and i totally love the lela rose dress!!! stunning! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. what a beautiful white dress, you look so pretty here. if it were me i'd choose monique lhuillier's :)

  13. I've been looking for a white dress for a while now, that one looks great on you and very fitting! I think for my marriage one day I want a classic vera wang :D cant wait to see what bella wears in the movie though! and yes I agree Steph on the Hills needs to leave everyone elses's business alone!

  14. nice blog and i love your red roses bouquet.. anyway visit my blog and also join my giveaway to win the prize :) thanks

  15. nice. i think i'd love to see bella in christian siriano or lola rose's! i'd love to see bella . i'm a big fan of twilight saga!

    and i like your dress as well!

  16. Pretty dress! I think Lela Rose is the most Bella as well :)

  17. nice outfit, you look gorgeous! i love the one from badgley mischka and erin fetherston.
    i've added your link in my blogroll :)

  18. wow the sketches are really good!
    you look sweet in that little white dress :D

    Castor Pollux

  19. love all sketches, really !<3
    cute dress.
    if you live in Jakarta, feel free to Join blogger meet up 26th June 2010,more info in my blog :D

  20. lovely dress!
    christian siriano designs would be totally ferosh :)
    re: sure no problem..i'll add you to my blogroll =)

    eclectic du jour

  21. Love the dress, especially with the belt. Cute blog!

  22. wow, i really want to learn fashion drawing!


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