Little White Dress

Below are pictures of designers sketch for Bella's wedding dress on Breaking Dawn movie.

Can you see Bella in any of these meticulously breath-taking dresses?

My favorites would have to be Lela Rose (the tail can be tune down a little IMHO), Maz Azria, and Erin Fetherston (the puffy sleeve would have to be less puffy for Bella's taste) design. Three of them captures the essence of Bella. Bella has a classic and old-fashioned vibe in her. And she definitely won't do the over the top dresses or sexy low cut back like Prabal's design. Not that the others are not beautiful. 

All of the designers are obviously talented and did a good job. If I were getting married, I would definitely choose Chritian Siriano's design. It's so fairy-tale like. And my dream wedding would be very princess-y and over the top, flowing with flowers and the people I love. What's your dream wedding, lovelies?

I have faith for Lela Rose's design. But again, the production house most probably would choose a more Bella look that is not in these sketches.

I was so inspired with these gorgeous wedding dresses I decided to wear a little white dress. 

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Little white dress,
how I love you

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